19th Feb 2018

Salsa Fan

I like salsa dancing but I have a hard time staying cool. Here’s an inexpensive and easy solution! And it works great. I got a 120mm-5V fan in ebay for...

05th Feb 2018

Lino and Woodblock Business Cards

I carved up a 12″x12″ linoleum from Wallacks and upcycled some album covers from the clock and jewelry project. They came out nice, this test run uses some speedball ink and...

30th Dec 2017


I started working on a four plate portrait of Pluto. Which is a planet. 🙂 This one needs a bit of work, as you can see the test print is...

30th Dec 2017

Flexographic Portraits

Doug and I have been working on this. We tried some lithographic experiments (and a few other things with varying success). The relief printing is really coming forward. This is...

20th Dec 2017


I am working on this five plate block print. I’ve had quite a few problems so far. I used laser to carve the blocks and it warped the acrylic plates....

10th Dec 2017

T-Shirt Block Printing

Andrew and I gave this a whirl today! It works great! I think I will try some more of this!

28th Nov 2017

Spin Art

Here’s a cool way to make spin art! Pictures of the apparatus further down. Wire a computer fan to a power source. Make sure the power source voltage is less...

27th Nov 2017

Rubber Stamp Business Cards

I love my regular laser cut buisness card (and other business cards) but I want an easier way that doesn’t depend on laser. Once you have ink stamps you can...

26th Nov 2017

Watercolor Christmas Cards

I was at a social the other day and a watercolor Christmas card was being passed around. I loved it so decided to give it a try. We made some...

23rd Nov 2017

Ottawa Block Printing Workshops!

We’ve been dabbling with block printing and flexographic printing lately. Everybody seems to want in on it so Doug, Lakota and I started a series of workshops. They are hosted...

15th Nov 2017

Soap Stamp

I’m making up some soap stamps! Can’t wait to try on soap!

10th Nov 2017

Clay Stamps

I’m making clay stamps and cookie cutters! Wow clay is fun! CNC and 3D printing is being deployed! Stand by for a report on this stuff!

10th Nov 2017

Pallet Wood Art

Pallet wood becomes a tree again. Other pallet wood art.

03rd Nov 2017

Parol Lantern Frame

I started making Parol Lanterns as a fund raising activity after Hurricane Haiyan on November 11, 2013. I’ve made various Parol Lantern designs using alternate materials such as cardboard and...

27th Oct 2017


I attempted to germinate some avocados with the cilantromatic project. No luck but recently hack613 member Sean managed to get a couple going! Watch this space for reports! Related: How...

26th Oct 2017

Tea Light Holders

I made these for a friend (on request). I’ve got enough material to make four more. Anybody want one?