Aluminum Dog Tags

AluminumDogTag-1000I want to make a batch of aluminum dog tags for all my friends with dogs. My first prototype came out good enough to use but it’s not very nice.

I’m going to try and figure out what to do differently and try again.

On the engraving I plunged a bit too much. I think it would look nicer if I’m barely scratching the surface.

For the hole punch and outside cut I started around 6 inches per minute feed rate with a 1/16″ two flute endmill. I had it at round 9000 rpm and was stepping down about 1/64″. I got a lot of heat at 6 inches per minute and I broke some endmills. So I cut it to 3ipm and it was able to finish the job. I noticed there wasn’t much heat at 3ipm.

Actually I started with a 1/32″ endmill thinking that would be easier but it broke. So I then started using the 1/16″ since I ran out of the 1/32″.

I’ve been giving this CNC Calculator to come up with the right feed-rate. It comes up with around 20ipm. But I’m only able to cut at 3ipm.

In the past I have cut aluminum with much better results. Here’s an example of cutting 6061 aluminum with a 1/8″-two-flute at 9000 rpm.


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