Vinyl Bracelets

I’ve been making earrings from vinyl which is great for women. I’ve been thinking about what to make for men and finally a friend came forward who wants a couple bracelets.

The common bracelets made from strips of vinyl are cool but I wanted something new.

This design is based on a laced armour called Lamellar Armour.

The bracelet I made for myself needed 26 links, two clasp links and 20″ of para95 cord.

Bracelet Clasp

I have managed to get version one of the clasp working. It’s hard to take off and on so I’m going to think about it further. This version uses parts A and B from below as the pieces to be joined. Part B has a loop of cord between the two holes facing part A. You pull the loop of cord through the grove in part A and then insert part C as a keeper.


My friend who is buying the first two has requested engraving. So what I came up with is this plate to insert into the bracelet. I added a CD backing to make the letters pop and the right holes so the backing could be strung up without the cord showing anywhere.

The first prototypes of this will be going together this week so watch this spot for pictures and refinements.


NAPrince from reddit suggested Toggle Clasps.

HeyItsKitty from reddit suggested a Hinged Bracelet Clasp.

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