28th Nov 2017

Spin Art

Here’s a cool way to make spin art! Pictures of the apparatus further down. Wire a computer fan to a power source. Make sure the power source voltage is less...

23rd Nov 2017

Ottawa Block Printing Workshops!

We’ve been dabbling with block printing and flexographic printing lately. Everybody seems to want in on it so Doug, Lakota and I started a series of workshops. They are hosted...

10th Nov 2017

Pallet Wood Art

Pallet wood becomes a tree again. Other pallet wood art.

19th Oct 2017

Heart Beat

I’ve started a new wearable electronics project. The working name of the project is Avatar and the first installment is called Heartbeat. It’s is a different approach than Firefly1 which tracked social...

01st Oct 2017


Portraits of 20 Ottawa Icons. Please comment with your suggestion of how to improve this list! This project is in progress. Below is the current work queue. I suppose we...

25th May 2017

Dress from CDs

A group of us are making dresses that use CDs in some way. There is still room in the project for more. So let me know if interested. darcy@inventorArtist.com Here are...

28th Jul 2016

Firefly V2

Firefly Version 2 is in the works with a thanks to a grant from Ontario Art Council! Mark Stephenson, Michael Grant and I are designing this project from the ground up. We...

23rd Jun 2016


Arnold and I are up to something with stone and possibly wood or metals. Stay tuned to see what comes forward!

31st May 2016

Voice of Bullshit

Raymond Loomer has created his version of Voice of Fire entitled Voice of Bullshit! He is making a statement that the National Art Gallery is am important resources. It should be...

21st May 2016

Dip Bot

I’ve had this project in the pipe for some time and I finally started to converge enough to write some code and get some experimenting done. I decided on an architecture...

04th May 2016


At the Hack613 meetup this evening we worked on the development of a new paint night. The experiments/demo were a great success. This technique is Fred Maheux’s “subliminal” method which...

15th Mar 2016

End of World or Unscientific Hysteria?

Here’s the claim David Cardill makes in the youbute video below: We’re running out of oxygen due to fossil fuel burning. All the birds are dead/dying and humanity is at...

13th Feb 2016

Rotary Flip Book

Here are the instructions for assembling the Flip kits (bottom of page). You will need a glue stick, pencils or markers for decorating and glue (optional). Snap your kit together,...

06th Jun 2015

Light Ideas

This is a collection of ideas for interactive and immersive light installations. These are things I’m interested in doing that could be deployed at a festival or a club. Interactive...

11th Mar 2015

Arduino Day 2015

A once a year party to celebrate the maker movement! This year the event is  organised by Maker Space North and Ottawa’s Arduino Group! We decided to have it as an informal...

02nd Oct 2014

Skirt Inlay

Nobody came forward with any pictures so I’m doing this skirt I found in I google (“black and white stripped dress“). This is only 14 pieces so it should be fun...