04th Apr 2017

Laser Cut Business Cards

I make business cards from leftover and cutoff material. These ones are made from record covers from the record clock project. They’re the most popular of all my cards followed by...

26th Feb 2017

Hack Ur Business Cards

I created a fixture for stacking and laser cutting business cards. So once I have a persons contact information or if the card is very old I can hack them into...

05th Feb 2017

Northern Lights

Here’s a Northern Lights effect. Can you guess how it’s done? It’s a CD being rotated in front of a servo.  

19th Jul 2016

Custom Cutting Boards

A quick and affordable to make a unique gift is to laser engrave a cutting board. Check out these examples that I made for friends.  

06th Mar 2016

Wooden Business Cards

One of the perks of a laser or other CNC cutter is cool business cards! I’ve been using wood for my business cards. Exotic hardwood has been cool but oddly...

17th Jan 2015

Dancing Laser Flower

I’ve got this laser show toy that gives an interesting projection by shining a laser on two wobbly mirrors which are attached to motors. I wanted to make my own using...

04th Oct 2014

Wooden Invitations

Check out these wooden party invitations that were commissioned. They had their concept and design all ready. It’s simple and cute and comes together on this material very well. I love...

03rd Oct 2014

Parol Lantern Kits 2014

It’s time to make Parol Lanterns for Christmas! For “made-to-order” kits please email (darcy@inventorArtist.com) with how many and your address. You’ll receive a link to pay! They’re $10/kit. Order. The kits are...

05th Aug 2014

CNC Laser

This is my CNC laser cutter. Here’s the machine in action. Chiller Radiator The radiator has sprung a leak. The radiator consists of  aluminum tubing (.375″ 9.6mm outside diameter). There are 16 coils...

07th Jul 2014

Swirly Draw V2

Swirly Draw V2 is like the original Swirly-Draw except it has magnetic paper holder (like Art-O-Matic and Isocel-Ease). The idea of Swirly Draw was to be small and simple  but I...

25th Jun 2014

In Love With Foam

For me the One-Nite DIY Foam Cutter was just the right machine to fall in love with foam. It was perfect for prototyping and experiment. It was multi-purpose with shaping and slicing capability. It was light,...

21st May 2014

Hey Kids! Squiggly Draw!

I just made this Spirograph-like toy! I can’t seem to put it down. It’s for a 5y old birthday gift. Her’s is acrylic but I made another from hardboard for me...

03rd May 2014

3D Printing Hype

3D printers have been getting a lot of press and I think journalists have misled the general public. On one hand you have of consumer level machines in the <$2000...

08th Apr 2014

Spool Knitting

I can’t remember if it was my mom or dad that showed me spool knitting. I think it was my mom but my dad made the spool. I might have...

06th Feb 2014

Dream Walk

  An interactive snowflake installation responds to movement and gesture with color and light. These suspended snowflakes use sensors and a microcontroller to analyse your motion in real time to...

02nd Feb 2014

Software Tool Chains

Since I’ve been making things I’ve started to rely more and more on more modern fabrication/prototyping methods. They include: CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) CNC Machines, CNC Laser,...