05th Jun 2016

Ottawa’s Wood Earrings Maker

This has proven to be a lot of fun. We have lots of wood on hand and are starting to try experiments. I kick started the project by picking five...

02nd Jun 2016

Earring Stand

I’ve been making a lot of earrings and necklaces so I need some stands for them. Here are some of my experiments so far.

01st Jun 2016

Robots and Ink

I’ve been making business cards out of record covers from LP vinyl (and many other things). They come out pretty nice (good, see below) but it’s a fair amount of work to...

21st May 2016

Dip Bot

I’ve had this project in the pipe for some time and I finally started to converge enough to write some code and get some experimenting done. I decided on an architecture...

06th May 2016

Brooches from CD

I’ve been making earrings from CD/vinyl and earrings from wood. I got some nice brooch pins so I want to make some of those too. Here are the first ones...

05th May 2016

Next Steps for Vinyl

Sarah of The Canadian Maker has approached me and I am excited to announce that we will be collaborating on earring design and she will be bringing it to trade shows....

22nd Mar 2016

TV Mount

I was hanging out with Doug, Dave and Justin the other day. We decided to hang a TV on the wall. Instead of going through a large project to get...

29th Feb 2016

Wood Gears

I was asked to make some gears in plywood. I made them in three layers out of different colors of wood. I used oak and maple ply. They came out...

29th Feb 2016

Wood Clock

I helped Gina make this clock by mounting the clock spindle. I used the CNC613 machine to pocket out the back. The face was lasered and the back was wood-burned.

29th Feb 2016

CD Holder

I was asking Dave to not throw out any CD spindles at work since I can use them. Minutes later he handed me this flat pack CD holder from hardboard...

20th Feb 2016


Yay, aacronyms. A PCB is a Printed Circuit Board which is for electronics. People usually get them made at Seeed Studio, Dirty PCB or use an old technique using chemicals....

13th Feb 2016

Rotary Flip Book

Here are the instructions for assembling the Flip kits (bottom of page). You will need a glue stick, pencils or markers for decorating and glue (optional). Snap your kit together,...

29th Jan 2016

Mystery Challenge Feb15

Mystery challenge is back! It’s not too late to join in! You’re welcome to contact us or come to one of the events below to pick up a package ($5)!...

20th Dec 2015

Silly Walks Vinyl Clock

I’ve been making vinyl clocks which involves cutting up vinyl records that have been cast away (I catch them before hand by finding people who are disposing). I still wind up with...

19th Dec 2015

Vinyl Notebook Cover

I making notebooks out of vinyl and record covers. I can make any combination. I will try one that’s a record cover, a record sleeve and then the vinyl. I like the record cover...

08th Dec 2015

Vinyl Bracelets

I’ve been making earrings from vinyl which is great for women. I’ve been thinking about what to make for men and finally a friend came forward who wants a couple bracelets....