03rd Jun 2014

Paint Box (Pochade Box)

I’m trying to save time so I decided to make a box to organize watercolors. I’ve been carrying them around in a cardboard box with no handle and I loose...

02nd Feb 2014

Software Tool Chains

Since I’ve been making things I’ve started to rely more and more on more modern fabrication/prototyping methods. They include: CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) CNC Machines, CNC Laser,...

27th Nov 2013

Philippines Christmas Parol Lantern Kits/Templates 2013

What’s a Parol Lantern? Parol Lanterns are a beloved Philippines Christmas tradition. Get the 2015 Parol Lantern hardboard kit by emailing darcy@inventorArtist.com! The New Open Source Parol Want to make your...

07th Sep 2013

Big Oil Rooster

My 2013 rooster project is Big Oil Rooster. Its at Atomic Rooster for a month ending on October 13 (vernissage September 17th). Big Oil Rooster drives a thermoelectric powered car powered by tea-lights. I...

04th Aug 2013

CNC Drop Trays

Here’s a CNC technique I’d like to share. When making small parts, instead of using tabs you can use drop trays. Tabs (right) are used when you have a collection of...

20th Jul 2013

DIY Laptop Tray

I like to sit around with my laptop so a tray really helps keep the mouse and everything under control. You can get a tray at a business or computer...

11th Jun 2013

Business Cards from LP Records

I make business cards out of cutoffs (waste material) and with my vinyl clock project I wound up with extra vinyl. Here’s the latest version. The spindle is a 45...

19th Jan 2013

Charger Nightmare

My cameras and cell phone use those silly wall-wart chargers. They’re a huge pain in the ass to carry and to make it more annoying they don’t stack or plug...

28th Nov 2012

Exploring Toolchains

The painting robot project is an interesting software challenge. I’ve been looking at prior art and related projects and I believe I will benefit from studying toolchains further. Particularly those...

17th Nov 2012

BFB Dual Head 3D Printer

I purchased a BFB Dual Head 3D Printer for the model airplane project. I think it may be able to make parts for ongoing projects too.

16th Nov 2012


I made some Scrabble tiles for my friend the other day and that got me all excited about making games. So I decided to make a tic-tac-toe game out of...

11th Nov 2012

CNC Wire Bender

At the beginning of this life-phase of making things I attempted to make a CNC 3D wire bender. It would eventually make pre-bent landing gear for my simple model airplane...

10th Oct 2012

Glut Rooster

Electric Rooster was a a lot of fun so here’s another instalment of the Rooster Project. Meet Glut Rooster. When you pull his string he drinks his beer and a bell chimes. The...