26th Apr 2017


Welcome to Ottawa’s latest makerspace! Visit Hack613! This is your chance to learn about 3d printing, CNC, laser machines, Arduino, soldering, electronics and more. A place to collaborate, help each other and...

19th Apr 2017


Check out this cool drawing machine! As you can see I’ve already had it at the pub. I’ll be bringing this to more meetups and other socials! There are plans all over thingiverse...

11th Mar 2017

CNC 2020

This is a “2020B” kit. It’s made from PVC. Assembly was pretty easy and fun so I highly recommend this kit to the right audience. It’s an affordable kit but is...

05th Feb 2017

Northern Lights

Here’s a Northern Lights effect. Can you guess how it’s done? It’s a CD being rotated in front of a servo.  

28th Jan 2017

Peppers Ghost

Erica brought up this idea of doing Peppers Ghost as a DIY activity for kids. Most instructions call for a piece of acrylic or glass. I happen to have some...

12th Oct 2016

Ottawa Makerfaire 2016

Make613 was at Makerfaire 2016! It’s maker friendly, family friendly, adult friendly and just plain friendly! Make613 showed lots of projects including assembling a 3D printer throughout the fair. I also brought the Vinyl...

07th Oct 2016

Lacing Activity

My friend works at a home for older people so she asked me to make up these lacing shapes. They are to improve hand dexterity.

29th Jan 2016

Mystery Challenge Feb15

Mystery challenge is back! It’s not too late to join in! You’re welcome to contact us or come to one of the events below to pick up a package ($5)!...

07th Jan 2016

Glider from Packing Foam

I was discussing the Zen Glider over at Reddit’s Engineering Porn forum. Zen is a walkalong glider. A few people inquired about the materials but PinkBalloons was guessing polyethylene sheet (the Zen...

22nd Feb 2015

Line Follower Robot

There’s a bit of buzz over at Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts about having a contest! There are two events. Line follower and maze solver. The dates being looked at are March 9th, 14th or 15th. I am...

18th Jan 2015

CNC613: Ottawa CNC!

CNC613 is a group of CNC enthusiasts in Ottawa. Here’s a quick video of the machine in action!   What’s a CNC Cutter/Engraver? It’s an great way to cut or...

16th Jan 2015

Ottawa Arduino Meetup Group

For location and schedule for this meetup please see the calendar. Subscribe for schedule change notices. This meetup is now hosted at Ottawa’s Makerspace called Hack613. We’re a friendly group of people...

20th Sep 2014

Squiggly Draw V3

Here’s another version of Squiggly-Graph I made for three-year old Baby Angelo. I tried bigger teeth to see what would happen. One of the two gears is actually captive once...

16th Sep 2014

Gear Toy

I making a gift for Baby Angelo (3 years old). I want to make him a gear toy. It will be peg-board and bolts that thread in from the bottom. Gears will...

02nd Sep 2014

Photonic Levitation

At Makerfaire I got a few suggestions for the wakalong glider project but this one really stands out. Doug was noticing the gliders flying around but he often couldn’t see the gliders...

15th Aug 2014

Ottawa Mini Makerfaire!

Ottawa Mini Makerfaire 2014 was a great success thanks to organizers, partners, makers and of course the general public! 170 Registered makers + 6000 people = party. My booth was Zen...