22nd Sep 2017

Seed Germination

Pengcheng, Steve and I are growing a  batch of basil and other herbs. I just started it this morning. There are three types of basil, chili and jalapeno.

01st Apr 2017

Pee-O-Matic 5000

So Tariq was joking around about people who can’t aim there pee. That got me thinking. This is such a challenge for some. Well I was able to find a...

31st May 2016

Voice of Bullshit

Raymond Loomer has created his version of Voice of Fire entitled Voice of Bullshit! He is making a statement that the National Art Gallery is am important resources. It should be...

23rd Feb 2016

Maker House Co. is a Thing

Know the story of your stuff! I’m proud to say I’m one of the 60 artisans of Maker House! Maker House is a social enterprise that moves goods from local...

03rd Sep 2015


I used to be a Salsa fanatic but I’ve fallen away from dancing over the past few years. I met Caroline at Hub Ottawa who happens to be a Salsa...

20th Aug 2015

Electric Bicycle

I have been struggling to fit exercise into my schedule and I found the answer. An electric bicycle! Below it is being modeled by Steve Aplin. The basket and extra lights...

07th Aug 2014


As part of my fitness program I want to eat better. I started growing basil and chili-peppers and that’s been great. So I need to learn to feed plants now. I managed...

04th Feb 2014

Fitness and Health

I want to get back into my regular shape. I realize I’m going to have to reverse out some recent lifestyle changes starting with this very scary concept. My diet....

03rd Feb 2014


I wanted to grow basil, cilantro, vegetables and fruit to so I could enjoy moving more towards healthy eating and cooking and eat out less. I decided to try to...

19th Mar 2013

Motorcycles: Yea or Nay

I’ve had a few motorcycles (currently a Honda Shadow VLX). Want to go for a spin? Hop on: Motorcycles have their perks. You can park anywhere, hop curbs and have...