03rd May 2014

3D Printing Hype

3D printers have been getting a lot of press and I think journalists have misled the general public. On one hand you have of consumer level machines in the <$2000...

02nd Feb 2014

Software Tool Chains

Since I’ve been making things I’ve started to rely more and more on more modern fabrication/prototyping methods. They include: CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) CNC Machines, CNC Laser,...

11th Jan 2014

DIY Hot-Wire Foam Cutter

Here’s the “One-Nite” DIY Foam Cutter. It took one work session (one night) to design and assemble. I was surprised how easy and fun cutting foam is. I designed it using Sketchup/SketchUCam and used a desktop...

01st Jan 2014

Debugging and Arduino

I really love Arduino. I’m going on a bit of an electronics binge and one thing I’d like to add to the mix is in circuit debugging. I’m just tossing...

28th Jan 2013

Printrbot 3D Printer

I got a Printrbot PLUS today. I think this will help with my 3D printing project to make plastic parts for my model airplane project (among other things). It’s also smaller...

17th Nov 2012

BFB Dual Head 3D Printer

I purchased a BFB Dual Head 3D Printer for the model airplane project. I think it may be able to make parts for ongoing projects too.

11th Nov 2012

CNC Wire Bender

At the beginning of this life-phase of making things I attempted to make a CNC 3D wire bender. It would eventually make pre-bent landing gear for my simple model airplane...