02nd Apr 2015

Karaoke Fund Raiser

I donated three vinyl clocks, vinyl jewelry and a Special Edition Zen Glider for a greyhound fund raiser. It’s a great cause and it was an interesting social. I highly recommend the Shanghai Restaurant...

19th Feb 2015

Vinyl Comb

I needed a comb. So I made a comb out of vinyl. Came out really nice. The small one is the size of a business card.  

15th Jan 2015

Vinyl Valentines Templates

I made valentines cards on the laser a while back. Super fun but it’s a bit more labor than it looks. I used a simpler technique with Christmas Cards using templates...

12th Jan 2015

Record Tote

I occasionally have to carry a few records for the Record Clock project. It’s not too hard but there are a lot of ways to damage records. I’ve been carrying...

05th Jan 2015

Spindle Adapter Business Cards

I make business cards out of my cutoffs and one of the more popular ones lately has been my business cards from vinyl records. Here’s the latest version. The spindle...

24th Dec 2014

Christmas Cards from Record Stencils

I needed to make Christmas cards in a rush this year so really needed to tighten it up. So here’s what I came up with. I cut out some stencils from records using...

27th Jun 2013

Coasters from Records

I managed to figure out how to cut records fairly accurately and consistently. So I decided to make some coasters. I think bands could have a lot of fun giving...

11th Jun 2013

Business Cards from LP Records

I cut some LP records as part of my business card project. This proved to be a bit tricky and time consuming. Records are actually fairly inconsistent in thickness, hardness and...