01st Oct 2016

Bamboo Parol Lantern

Here’s a 24″ bamboo Parol Lantern Frame. This is made from 3/32″ bamboo from bamboo blinds! I’m very pleased as it is very rigid. DIY Bamboo Parol Lantern Here’s how...

27th Sep 2016

Wood Coasters

Jonathan bought a 3040 CNC machine with a 350W DC spindle. He’s already a machinist but I’m familiar with this particular machine class so I I’ve been showing him some software tool-chain...

05th Jun 2016

Ottawa’s Wood Earrings Maker

This has proven to be a lot of fun. We have lots of wood on hand and are starting to try experiments. I kick started the project by picking five...

02nd Jun 2016

Earring Stand

I’ve been making a lot of earrings and necklaces so I need some stands for them. Here are some of my experiments so far.

29th Apr 2016

Recovered Wood Clock

This wood is from Michael’s hydroponic vegetables in Smiths Falls. It was on that project for many years and then it was used for a cart for the CNC613 project....

06th Mar 2016

Wooden Business Cards

One of the perks of a laser or other CNC cutter is cool business cards! I’ve been using wood for my business cards. Exotic hardwood has been cool but oddly...

29th Feb 2016

Wood Gears

I was asked to make some gears in plywood. I made them in three layers out of different colors of wood. I used oak and maple ply. They came out...

29th Feb 2016

Wood Clock

I helped Gina make this clock by mounting the clock spindle. I used the CNC613 machine to pocket out the back. The face was lasered and the back was wood-burned.

29th Feb 2016

CD Holder

I was asking Dave to not throw out any CD spindles at work since I can use them. Minutes later he handed me this flat pack CD holder from hardboard...

29th Oct 2015

Pew Pew! It’s Halloween

For handing stuff out to kids, I don’t like candy so like to make small toys. In the past I’ve made rubber band planes. What to do this year? Perhaps this rubber...

16th Apr 2015

CNC Cart

I need a cart for the CNC613 project. Here’s a concept I drew up that uses 24′ of 2×4 and 30′ of 1×4. I was thinking I’d use drywall screws and glue....

12th Jan 2015

Record Tote

I occasionally have to carry a few records for the Record Clock project. It’s not too hard but there are a lot of ways to damage records. I’ve been carrying...

03rd Jan 2015

Wood Menu

Living Hinge Table Topper I made a lace-up table topper prototype but I wasn’t sure how well it would lace up. I put extra holes to experiment. I can’t picture...

03rd Oct 2014

Hanging Chess

The hardboard tic-tac-toe and checkers games came out nice so I wanted to try a chess set. A wall mount chess set that hangs like a painting would be nice. I saw some...

28th Sep 2014


The recent rooster inlay came out pretty nice so I decided to try more experiments. Do you have some simple subject matter you’d like me to try? I want to try a...

20th Sep 2014

Squiggly Draw V3

Here’s another version of Squiggly-Graph I made for three-year old Baby Angelo. I tried bigger teeth to see what would happen. One of the two gears is actually captive once...