Wood works shops:

Stephen Burke
Ottawa based 3D print artist/digital 3D artist who is the 3D printing specialist at Envirolaser, the regional dealer for MakerBot, 3D Systems, and David Vision System.
Office # 613-225-4726
Twitter: @printerguru
Wesley Ellis
Ruby hacker by day, ruby hacker by night. Still trying to figure out
these bit thingies can interact with these atom thingies

Barry Horne
Rigaud Qc. (res)
Glen Robertson Ont. (play-pen)
no phone , on power , just small solar setup.
Retired (dinosaur) Plays with rocks and dirt on 100 acre playpen with antique heavy equipment .

Donna Legault
sound and electronic installation
p] (613) 680-6375


Aaron Ramsey
@aaron_ramsey twitter


A.M. Rowsell
I’m an electronics engineering student who is into vintage computers, microcontrollers and the smell of solder.


Mark Stephenson
Visual artist, designer and maker living in Ottawa Canada. Some of my projects and collaborations include:
Social Portraits:
Web Site:
Twitter: @mste
Facebook Page:

Nigel Vezeau
Mechanical engineer by profession, general builder/tinker/maker by passion. Background in machining and construction.

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