Debugging and Arduino

ArduinoDuemilanoveI really love Arduino. I’m going on a bit of an electronics binge and one thing I’d like to add to the mix is in circuit debugging. I’m just tossing around ideas of figuring out Arduino debugging or trying another micro-controller.

This is no big deal for many projects but I’d like to open this door for some projects. I have a lot in the pipe and I’m pretty sure the time spent figuring this out will pay me back later.

Debugging and Arduino

I hear you can debug with Atmel Studio (mentioned in Popular Science).

I’ve been told I’d need an AVR in-circuit debugger and to not use the arduino GUI.

I found an article on how to debug the DiecimilaDuemilanove using DebugWIRE. Dragon.

Here’s another post in Stackoverflow.

Arduino comments.


There is also the PIC controllers:


This looks like a great contender. I ordered this and look forward to trying it out.


article, article


I’ve heard that you can use a Fez Domino but then you have to use Visual Studio IDE.

What do you think about debugging Arduino?