Designing a Propeller

I’ve been working on some propeller designs for rubber-power model airplanes. This is a fun project and the plan is to use a 3D printer for prototyping.

I’m quite excited about this as I will be able to make propellers that will fit into a smaller space and this will make shipping and handling of model airplanes easier and less expensive. I have a few other things coming down the pipe that will make them better than the traditional propellers as well.

Sketchup is the tool I’m using. I’m not all that happy with Sketchup since it does not let you import common formats (or export). In fact I have to use a plug-in (add-on) to export the file from Sketchup to print it on a 3d printer.

I know there are lots of CAD programs around that may work but they are generally expensive. I have a lot of tools on the bench as it is so I’m still doing it on the cheap with the free version of Sketchup.


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