Dinky Motor at Ottawa Maker Market

After prototyping and testing the first version of Dinky Motor is here. Tomorrow is the two month anniversary of the project by the way. It was the 3rd of June when I told my friend Bill that I would make a motor design after seeing his reviews of current offerings.

Interestingly Dinky was slightly more popular than the Squirrel. I found that surprising but on the other hand, at least one half the people that attended my table already knew me so already are Squirreled out. 🙂

Dinky Motor Instructions

This revision of the motor only came out the day before the Market event so the new instructions will appear online today or tomorrow.

The event was fun. One of my star testers came by to verify that changes to the fitting of the pieces have been corrected.



Here are a few shots of the run of kits that were at the event. You can see my cool makeshift spool holder for portioning the copper wire.

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