Dinky Motor V1 Testing

Last night we did a test run of the Dinky Motor V1 using the new brush system. I prepared some kits, packed them in a litlte box and headed for Kanata where my friend Natasha, family and friends gave it a try.


We took our time and lots was learned.

We were a little short of time but in a nutshell we got 2 motors running.

Thanks to the amazing testers consisting of children and adults, here’s what I learned:

  1. The cut-off tabs from the parts sheet was not easy. I need to make the tabs much smaller.  I may switch this project from CNC to laser and see how that goes. Non contact cutting will allow me to make the tabs very small.
  2. I recently tightened the fit up so glue would be optional. I’m going to loosen the fit off by about 1/128″.
  3. I think I was distracted since it was getting late in the evening but I actually only got mine to run weakly. One of the other motors ran well after a bit of tinkering. I think this is part of the process so the instructions will have a problem solving checklist.
    1. I think drag was an issue. I’m going to increase the length of the motor to make sure the rotor has enough room. I think the tolerance was too tight.
  4. The magnets are a bit far from the rotor in this build. I will look at that.

I will make instructions. The next build will have packaging plus the new instructions.




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