Dog-O-Mation: Automate Your Dog

Brett, Puppy Charlie and Darcy. ~1975.

Here’s a picture of my brother Brett, Charlie and myself. Charlie was an extreme dog. Humans cannot keep up with the pace of a dog like this. There are reasons why Charlie was different from other dogs (he was a “clearance dog”, a survivor of distemper in a kennel wipe-out, returned to the pet store by previous family, a daily run on beach sand behind our motorcycle, eating food for three dogs each day, a huge amount of attention and more).

Charlie was the real version of Marley.

I want to make a machine that dogs can interact with that will shoot a ball for them to fetch.

I’ve got orders for four machines.

I’ve been in the envisioning stage for this project for a while. I found a tennis ball while organizing the other day. That was the missing piece, time to make a prototype.

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