Doodle Business Cards

It turns out that my little drawing robot is great for making more business cards.

It appears slow but you can leave it run while you’re working on some other task and just reload the paper when it’s done. You also don’t have to babysit it to the extend you would a laser cutter. So I am able to include more text than I do on my laser business cards.

I’ve got calligraphy pens on order!

Also, I’ve been handing out some cards to promote my friend Rahim’s Salsa party. I was able to use the machine to add my email so I can just give out one card for that.

Here’s a previous attempt at doodle business cards using a CNC machine. To test this I attempted a portrait. I brought a photo into GIMP, cropped it, increased contrast and shrunk it down a bit. I then brought it into Inkscape and did an image trace on it. From there I used a laser plugin to convert the curves to g-code. I came across this technique by reading this DIY laser from hardboard and this one that uses an old blueray. I tested and verified the g-code using NCPlot, then finally loaded the g-code into Mach3 to run it on a CNC machine. I used a glue gun to stick a pen to the CNC machine. At the time I was too lazy to make a descent pen holder. So I didn’t push this too far.

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