Firefly V2

Darcy Whyte, Michael Grant and Mark Stephenson with Firefly V1.

Firefly Version 2 is in the works with a thanks to a grant from Ontario Art Council!

Mark Stephenson, Michael Grant and I are designing this project from the ground up.

We have been meeting and discussing this for quite some time now.

It has a faster processor with more memory, more lights, an accelerator, infra red send and sense, a smaller power source allowing it to be flatter. We are using an array of lights to form more of a screen but it will just be one color.

The first prototypes are now being tested.

Firmware development is starting too!

Coming to a party near you!


Firefly V1

Here’s a look at the original Firefly project. This video was taken during the firmware development and testing leading up to Nuit Blanche 2013. The software required a great deal of time to test. We wanted to make sure we brought them into various social environments to verify that the software that runs their personalities was in fact working as expected.



Published on: Mar 25, 2014 @ 17:17

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