FireFly Visits Hub Ottawa

FireFly was at HubOttawa at the Hub and Spoke last night which featured presentations from curators of: Nuit Blanche, Ladies Learning Code, Power of the Arts National Forum, Citizens Academy, Soup Ottawa, Ottawa Mini Maker Faire, Pecha Kucha Ottawa and Harvest Noir.

The event was an amazing success and was a great opportunity to test the latest version of the FireFly software.

There are some special challenges in creating software for a networked, mobile, embedded system. One new feature that was tested was a debug mode (yes that’s a pun). I point a controller at someone’s FireFly and it will flash out some of it’s internal variables at me in binary. This allows me to see the state of individual FireFlies as well as the network at large in real time. It’s surprising how you can impress your friends by reading binary numbers. 🙂

I was also able to insert contagious color patters and monitor propagation speed, attenuation of the contagion and accuracy of propagation with regard to the real life social flow. The FireFlies can communicate over fairly large distances so it was interesting to see what would happen in a larger crowd. As it turns out there is a great deal of attenuation of signal in the room due to the density of people. This contributed to social accuracy of the FireFly network.

I just received (Sept 5) the chaser email from the event. Here it is!

Thank you for attending last week’s HUB & Spoke; we hope you enjoyed hearing about Fall’s upcoming events!   

Sept 7th: Harvest Noir @harvestnoir

Sept 11-15th: House of Paint @HouseofpainT

Sept 11-15th: Electrify or @artengine

Sept 14th- Ottawa Sustainability Tour

Sept 20th- Pecha Kucha Night- Ottawa @pechakucha_ott

Sept 21st: Ladies Learning Code

Sept 21st: Nuit Blanche

Sept 27th-29th: Power of Arts National Forum

Sept 28th: Art Bank Open House Culture Days

Oct 19th: Artpreneur

Oct 22, 29, Nov 5, 19th Citizens Academy- Civics Academy @ca_ottawa

Be sure to also check out this fabulous round up of events by Kate and Suz.

Click here to find out more about HUB, membership, and how to continue to stay in touch with what’s happening in Ottawa. 

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