Flexographic Portraits

Doug and I have been working on this. We tried some lithographic experiments (and a few other things with varying success).

The relief printing is really coming forward.

This is really fun, if you want to try it, poke by one of the hack613 meetups.

We’ve been doing various block printing workshops and is tonnes of fun.


Here’s a puddy cat.

He’s from Vancouver. I carved out three lino plates for three colors, black and two shades of grey. This is a little more work than it looks like since you need to process the image in a way that it maximized with just three colors.

I made sure there was no overlap between the plates…

I aligned the plates by taping a fixture to the table for the plates and also taping the paper.

You can see the concept in the process pictures further down.


Here are some pictures form the process.

Published on: Oct 25, 2017 @ 12:56

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