Flexographic Portraits

Doug and I have been working on this. We tried some lithographic experiments (and a few other things).

So far this relief type printing is the only thing that has come forward.

This plate is about 4 inches by 3 inches.

The blue is oil based ink and the magenta is acrylic paint.

Up next to try several plates for one image so different colors can be applied.


  1. Is there a good retardant for acrylic paint to give more work time?
  2. The brayer slips a lot when I’m rolling it to load it up. Am I missing something or is it a cheap brayer?
  3. Do I use different ink to do CMYK or do I dilute this somehow to make it translucent?
  4. How to align the different plates when printing multiple colors?
  5. When framing should there be a layer of glass in front?


Here are a couple in the pipe.

Here’s a puddy cat.

He’s from Vancouver. I carved out three lino plates for three colors, black and two shades of grey. This is a little more work than it looks like since you need to process the image in a way that it maximized with just three colors.

I made sure there was no overlap between the plates…

I aligned the plates by taping a fixture to the table for the plates and also taping the paper.

You can see the idea in the process pictures further down.


Here are some pictures form the process.

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