I Used to Hate Graffiti

My blood used to boil at the sight of graffiti. Then I woke up.

It has dawned on me that property damage is negligible compared to the delight of some of this work. Besides, who’s to say that only sanctioned work can give us good food for thought? Shouldn’t we get our information and ideas from varied sources?

Check out this fine example of sanctioned art in our city of Ottawa (a tribute to the wrong person ouch).

Contrast that to this beautiful work by an unknown yarn bomber in Ottawa.

Or check out Banksy’s satirical piece “The Sirens of the Lambs.” It appears in this brief video.

Banksy’s an icon in this space.

If those lambs shook you down a little you many find this documentary called “Banksy, Exit through the gift store” rather interesting.

Feeling brainwashed?

Hahahahahahahahahha…. mmphh… baaaahhahahahahahah….

Believe in MBW (or Sasquatch) or not, but I’m going to stick to t-shirts…


Color separation

T-Shirt Vendors: Popular Opinion from American Apparel or Joe Fresh. Awful shirts at Value Village or Sally Ann.

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