Quick Card Making

Okay so I’ve invested in all this stuff to make cards (plus materials) so now’s the test. I’ve only got a short time to make something (this is theoretically going to take less time than going to get a card). It’s a birthday card for a child so I decided to have flowers. I rummaged through my templates from other card making and I couldn’t find my flower templates I made. I must have thrown them out…

So I scan my lab for something to make flowers. I found a CD figuring I could make flower pedals out of the hole. I tried it with some old letterhead from a company I had a while back. Seemed okay but the paper had no capillary action which is what I wanted. In my “box-o-routers-n-stuff” I spotted a computer power supply who’s fan vent looked like a flower!  That looked like a job to get to.

I’m panicking a bit now because I wont be able to brag that I saved time by making a card by hand.

I spotted this odd rubber stamp that was left over from another card making session. I didn’t know what it was supposed to be but I had some yellow paint near by and I stamped it with the paint.

Jackpot! Dandelions! Now I know what I’m making. I grabbed a piece of glossy card and sliced a couple of leaf shapes in it with a blade got out some colors.

A few minutes later I had something going! I experimented with magenta flowers in the background using drops of water and dropping some paint onto them. It has some potential but I don’t think this project will have flowers in the background.

The birthday girl is getting Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe and SquigglyDraw for her birthday. 🙂



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