Let’s Make a Clock

Too much time on your hands? Let’s make a clock! Anything goes. Electronic or not.


Arduio Uno from Newark!


Who can register? Anyone from anywhere of any age.

Register by email (darcy@inventorArtist.com).

This contest is designed for fun by volunteers. So please feel free to come forward with suggestions, support or to join the volunteer team.


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Peter Sjoberg

Darcy Whyte

Kevin Nesdoly

Jason Arnold

Olaf Baumann

Jonathan Edwards

Wesley Ellis

Screenshot 2014-09-28 21.16.52-1000

Contest Rules

The contest is now open. The initial end date of September 1st has been lifted.

Contest rules determined shortly based on feedback received.

Winners determined by a process to be determined shortly.

Winners choose from prizes starting with the first winner working down the list until prizes are gone.


Atomic Clock

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