Did You Make Your Mothers Day and Fathers Day Cards Yet?

I’ve been making unusual cards and business cards lately so I decided to make my Mothers Day card. I also decided to make a Fathers Day card at the same time. Interestingly it didn’t take twice as long to make two cards as one. Next time I will make a larger batch (perhaps a year worth of cards, 10 birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines, Christmas, thank yous, and so forth).

When you think about it, if you do 30 cards per year (and wait in line for 20m for each one) you loose ten hours per year. Well I suppose some of the cards would be purchased at once. Perhaps you really only loose 5 hours per year doing last minute cards.

By making your cards you can recover some of that time. Let’s say you hit Wallack’s or some other craft store and invest 30 dollars in paper, hobby knife, scissors and a straight edge. If you can get the cards done in a couple of hours, you come out on top for time and cost. I may even attempt to do two years of cards in one sitting. I guess if I lay them out into a grid and add assets to be glued on then do all the gluing last it should be pretty efficient.

And isn’t much better to make something?

to “Did You Make Your Mothers Day and Fathers Day Cards Yet?

  • Okay, I have three family members. Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas comes to 7 Cards.

    After that I have two friends with a mothers day and birthday (kick in Christmas). Comes to 6 cards.

    Add a few valentines cards, thank you cards and a couple of Christmas cards. Comes to 15 or so.

    So if I can get 28 cards done in one short session then I’m on top of this. 🙂

    I think the method will be to lay out the cards, make and lay all assets onto the cards, glue them, sign them, make the envelopes. I estimate 3h. 🙂

    If I make a DIY of it, perhaps 5h.