Nuit Blanche and Firefly Success

The Nuit Blanche 2013 festival was a great success (see Peter Simpson‘s video further down). What a diverse and inspiring experience. I made new friends, had fun and learned a lot.

Firefly lit the way for many people and we kept seeing them all over the market throughout the evening. I also enjoyed getting to know the people who sponsored the project!

Don’t forget you can return your Firefly at drop-off points and many came with return envelopes for mail. Do not recycle them yet, they can be reused for our workshops and other events (repaired if necessary).

Here’s a video of the Firefly for those who missed it. As you can see the idea is to have a bunch of them in proximity since they are social. They communicate and coordinate light, color, patterns and vignettes based on the social dynamic.

Here’s a video from Peter Simpson (The Big Beat), Ottawa Citizen.

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