Pee-O-Matic 5000

So Tariq was joking around about people who can’t aim there pee.

That got me thinking. This is such a challenge for some.

Well I was able to find a good solution not only to pee aiming but also to the lineup problems seen in many fine pubs.

Pee-O-Matic 5000!

Insert in trousers and you’re good for the evening! No more lineups! No more mess!

Double sealed for extra security! Three liter capacity! Fits all sizes!

Available for purchase now!

Videos to follow!

How It’s Made

I’ve been using this lay flat tubing for packaging for some time. It works very will with a sealer. It comes in all sizes and gauge. Simply slice off a piece of poly tubing, seal at one end. Be sure to seal more than once if if you’re in for a long haul! For extra convenience partially seal the other end!

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