PrintrBot Plus FixUp

Spent most of today fiddling with my new PrintrBot Plus.

One of the timing pulleys was stripped. We did a kludge which eventually let go. They are sending a new pulley but I’ve not received it yet.

That caused a lot of pain since it eventually started to slip and of course it took some time to trace the problem back to it.

The other thing that came up today was the extruder gears. They don’t run smoothly. I backed them off so they’s have less contact but they still skip steps at a certain point of contact.

Another thing that caused a huge pain is there’s no spool for the filament. If you lay it flat it twists and eventually develops a mind of it’s own. Mine jumped off the table and then decided to become a big tangle.

Will look at this mess some more tomorrow.



One Response to “PrintrBot Plus FixUp

  • As you can see by the pictures, it’s time to make a spool for the filament!