I used to be a Salsa fanatic but I’ve fallen away from dancing over the past few years.

I met Caroline at Hub Ottawa who happens to be a Salsa enthusiast and that lead me to the Rueda de Casino lessons with Bailando Ottawa I just signed up for.

Rueda is a form of dance where partners are not tightly coupled and there is a caller who orchestrates a larger group. The group often forms a wheel or circle (rueda in Spanish). Here’s a scene from the movie Dance With Me which shows the dance style in the wild. It’s a cute movie of a young man discovering and reconnecting with his long lost father.

Here it is in a more organized format:

I’ve just done one practice (last Sunday) and one lesson (yesterday) so no pictures yet. So I’ll I’ve got is these old pictures from ages ago. New friends and new pictures to appear. I think this needs to be two activities per week average so looks like for the next month I’ll do the Wednesday lesson and then one social activity.


Vamos al medio, Para el Medio (side tap)

Ariba, para ariba (forward in circle)

Abajo (backward in circle)

Un Tarro (man forward under arm to next lady)

Cambia Pareja

Dile que no, Dile que si


Prima, Audios

Prima con Familia


Bing Bong


Dame dos


Enchufla Doble

Doble Play

Principe Bueno/Principe Malo

Enchufla NO, NO NO!

Chchufla ala Medio

La Flor

Ala Derrachia, Poratras

Dame Directo


Rasela Cominando






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