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Lace-up table topper

Living Hinge Table Topper

I made a lace-up table topper prototype but I wasn’t sure how well it would lace up. I put extra holes to experiment. I can’t picture it being very usable.

So I also attempted a living hinge one using CNC. The prototype didn’t work since it was to thick (1/8″ hardboard) and I could have used a smaller cutter (or laser). I’ll try again with different material.

I found a wooden Christmas card with a living hinge. So I know it will work with the right material.

Hinged Wooden Table Topper

I also tried a hinge. Works very well and has a nice feel to it.

The brackets glue on and then a piece of bamboo is inserted.


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  • For the living hinge, you’ll need far longer slots in the material. Due to them being close together, this is best done on a laser as the CNC loves to eat thin geometry.

    As this is to be used in a restaurant setting, I’d consider looking at using something more robust for the hinges themselves- like maybe aluminum- and leave the boards to be expendable. Anything the public touches, the public will also break quickly. That, and hardboard doesn’t do well when it sits in someone’s spilled soda.

    Looks like a fun little project though. Nice work.

    • Thanks. It was just an excuse to try to make a living hinge with a rotary cutter. I think your right the members need more length…