Snowflake Walkalong Glider Kits Make Your Own Valentines Cards FireFly Forget kites! Check out Squirrel Rubber Band Plane! Dinky Motor Dayton Model Plane Making Greeting Cards Painting Robot A Printable Paper Plane!


Snow Party #Ottawa

Walkalong Glider Kits

Is it fun or is it education?

Make Your Own Valentines Cards

Here’s an easy and fun way to make valentines cards!


FireFly is a socially aware pendant. It lights your way through the night and through a unique social experience. Coming to Nuit Blanche.

Forget kites! Check out Squirrel Rubber Band Plane!

Make this plane from a kit, wind up the rubber band propeller and put on your running shoes. It’s popular across the world but it’s the only rubber band plane from Ottawa!

Dinky Motor

Kids make a motor from a kit and experience the marvels of electricity and magnetism. A great memory jog for adults too!

Dayton Model Plane

A brandable model plane. Get yours printed today!

Making Greeting Cards

I’m always up for this so please ping me if you want to try!

Painting Robot

A painting robot in the works!

A Printable Paper Plane!

Instructions to print and make your own paper plane.

15th Apr 2014


Check out Art-O-Matic. I drew it up in Sketchup (woodgears gear generator) then ran it off about a dollar worth of hardboard on the CNC. Added some bolts and presto! Instant art!...

08th Apr 2014

Spool Knitting

I can’t remember if it was my mom or dad that showed me spool knitting. I think it was my mom but my dad made the spool. I might have...

25th Mar 2014

Firefly V2

Firefly Version 2 is in the works with a $12,500 budget and a grant from Ontario Art Council! We are designing this project from the ground up. We are talking...

20th Mar 2014

Hack UR Yard

Mark, Michael and I are hacking solar lawn-garden lights. We’re interested in utility and aesthetics. We are looking at breaking in to conventional solar garden lights, adding sensors, fully controlled LED...

13th Mar 2014

Paper Plane

I’ve been doing paper planes and walkalong gliders at various venues so I decided to make a video on how to make them! Here’s the current world record holder by...

03rd Mar 2014

Learn Arduino

Subscribe or watch this page for dates (and changes). We will run more dates as needed. Blink Session 4, Saturday April 26th, 2-4pm, M70-2 Daly Avenue. Session description below. This is a social. Note:...

02nd Mar 2014

Walkalong Glider Blitz

Women of Aviation World Wide Week! Join Phil Rossoni and myself for a walkalong glider blitz! List of events below! 2200 I<3U walkalong gliders were made for this occasion!  If you missed all of...

02nd Mar 2014

Arduino Day

Arduino’s tenth anniversary is upon us! So let”s hang out! What’s an Arduino? Check out Arduino workshops! Arduino Jam Session RSVP to Saturday, March 29th, 2pm-5pm Room M70, 2 Daly Avenue,...

25th Feb 2014


Renoir is known for intimate and candid subjects but I want to point out attention networks in his paintings. In the luncheon above you can see “directed” ties in the...

24th Feb 2014


I really need a good lamp. I had some of those halogens from Canadian Tire. They suck. The bulbs burn out. I thought I was being a smart aleck when...

19th Feb 2014
2014-02-22 14.02.16-1000

Rubber Stamp Business Card

I love my regular laser cut buisness card (and other business cards) but want to add capacity that doesn’t depend on heavier tooling. So I decided to try stamping. I...

06th Feb 2014

Dream Walk

  An interactive snowflake installation responds to movement and gesture with color and light. These suspended snowflakes use sensors and a microcontroller to analyse your motion in real time to...

04th Feb 2014

Fitness for Darcy

I want to get back into my regular shape. I realize I’m going to have to reverse out some recent lifestyle changes starting with this very scary concept. My diet....

03rd Feb 2014


I wanted to grow basil, cilantro, vegetables and fruit to so I could enjoy moving more towards healthy eating and cooking and eat out less. I decided to try to...

02nd Feb 2014

Tool Chains

Since I’ve been making things I’ve started to rely more and more on more modern fabrication/prototyping methods. They include: CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) CNC Laser, Rotary Cutters...

23rd Jan 2014


I’ve been working on my Painting Robot project which is a bit complex. I decided to break it down and do some similar projects that are simpler. I’ll learn more...

18th Jan 2014

DIY Valentines Cards

This technique is easy and fun. I created some cardboard templates (right). I find if there is a shiny surface it goes a little further before water starts to penetrate...

13th Jan 2014

I♥U Glider

“I♥U”Glider” (I<3U) is a walkalong glider designed for a Valentines card. Made of extremely thin foam it flies so slow you can walk along behind it pushing air with the...

13th Jan 2014


Chargers have become a source of clutter in my life. Every cell phone and camera has it’s own junked-up-proprietary-wall-wart charging system. Then there’s AA, AAA and 9V batteries and chargers....

12th Jan 2014

A Business Card That Really Flies

I enjoy making unusual and cool business cards. I thought I had a handle on it till I met Phil Rossini who has a Tumbling Wing Walkalong Glider business card....

11th Jan 2014

DIY Hot-Wire Foam Cutter

Here’s the “One-Nite” DIY Foam Cutter. It took one work session (one night) to design and assemble. I was surprised how easy and fun cutting foam is.  I designed it using Sketchup and used a desktop...

02nd Jan 2014

Tumbling Wing With News Print

I wanted some walkalong glider meetups so I drew up a newsprint design (based on a John Collins design). Ottawa Citizen’s Bruce Deachman covered the project and the design was printed...

01st Jan 2014

Debugging and Arduino

I really love Arduino. I’m going on a bit of an electronics binge and one thing I’d like to add to the mix is in circuit debugging. I’m just tossing...

01st Jan 2014


Have you ever run into a person that talks over everybody or constantly rants? Of course you negotiate and set boundaries but some have no interpersonal skill and interrupt with...