27th Apr 2017

Doodle Business Cards

It turns out that my little drawing robot is great for making more business cards. It appears slow but you can leave it run while you’re working on some other...

26th Apr 2017

Hack613! Call for Makers!

It’s time to create a makerspace! This is your chance to learn all about 3d printing, CNC and laser machines! Arduino, soldering, electronics and more. A place to collaborate, help...

19th Apr 2017


Check out this cool drawing machine! As you can see I’ve already had it at the pub. I’ll be bringing this to more meetups and other socials! There are plans all over thingiverse...

04th Apr 2017

Laser Cut Business Cards

I make business cards from leftover and cutoff material. These ones are made from record covers from the record clock project. They’re the most popular of all my cards followed by...

01st Apr 2017

Pee-O-Matic 5000

So Tariq was joking around about people who can’t aim there pee. That got me thinking. This is such a challenge for some. Well I was able to find a...

25th Mar 2017

CNC 3020

I’ve got one of these machines. I’ll report more later after I’ve tested it more.   1 Effective working travel: 200(X)mm*300(Y)mm*50(Z)mm 2 Shape dimension: 550×400*350mm 3 Max.workpiece dimension: 200mm*300mm<65mm 4 Work table dimension: 200mm*300mm*15mm 5 Carving deepth:...

11th Mar 2017

CNC 2020

This is a “2020B” kit. It’s made from PVC. This machine is small enough to be considered portable. Assembly was pretty easy and fun so I highly recommend this kit. A...

07th Mar 2017

Wooden Whistle

I have fond memories from childhood of making a whistle out of a branch from a tree. When summer comes I’ll make one and post it here but in the...

26th Feb 2017

Hack Ur Business Cards

I created a fixture for stacking and laser cutting business cards. So once I have a persons contact information or if the card is very old I can hack them into...

25th Feb 2017

Violin Rack

Rob showed me this cool violin rack concept so we decided to make some for fun. I’ve drawn it up and have a couple problems to work on. I will make...

18th Feb 2017

Towers of Hanoi

Here’s something fun! I made a Towers of Hanoi puzzle. I made the stained one about 20 years ago for a fun project. We made a few thousand of them....

05th Feb 2017

Northern Lights

Here’s a Northern Lights effect. Can you guess how it’s done? It’s a CD being rotated in front of a servo.  

30th Jan 2017

Wood Doorstops

Check out these door stops I made from local wood.

28th Jan 2017

Peppers Ghost

Erica brought up this idea of doing Peppers Ghost as a DIY activity for kids. Most instructions call for a piece of acrylic or glass. I happen to have some...

28th Jan 2017

DIY Buttons

I brought four blazers to the dry cleaner at Lincoln Fields last summer. All four of them had lost their buttons. I asked how much to put buttons and he...

27th Jan 2017

Decorative CD Mirrors

Here are some mirrors I’ve been making. This is very fun. I think it would be a fun workshop. The last picture is the hangar at the back. I used...