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Sparrow Model Airplane

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12th Oct 2014

Pew Pew! It’s Halloween

For handing stuff out to kids, I was thinking of something more interesting than candy. Perhaps this rubber band shooter I’ve been thinking of. You put a small elastic from the...

10th Oct 2014


The maker movement is developing in Ottawa with the appearance of maker spaces and meetup groups! We’re a group of makers and hackers. We want to meet regularly to share projects, support...

07th Oct 2014

Record Clock

I made this clock out of an LP record. It came out rather nice. Do you know what an LP record is? The cutting process is described below but if...

04th Oct 2014


Check out these wooden party invitations that were commissioned. They head their concept and design all ready. It’s simple and cute and comes together on this material very well. I love...

03rd Oct 2014

2014 Parol Lantern

It’s time to make Parol Lanterns for Christmas! For “made-to-order” kits please email ( with how many and your address. You’ll receive a link to pay and presto! They’re $10/kit. Order. The...

03rd Oct 2014

Wooden Business Cards

One of the perks of a laser or other CNC cutter is cool business cards! I’ve been using wood for my business cards. Exotic hardwood has been cool but oddly...

03rd Oct 2014

Hanging Chess

The hardboard tic-tac-toe and checkers games came out nice so I wanted to try a chess set. A wall mount chess set that hangs like a painting would be nice. I saw some...

02nd Oct 2014

Skirt Inlay

Nobody came forward with any pictures so I’m doing this skirt I found in I google (“black and white stripped dress“). This is only 14 pieces so it should be fun...

01st Oct 2014

Solar Freakin’ Cell Phone

I keep seeing links in Twitter and elsewhere of cheap solar phone chargers. People think they’re being green by passing the link along. What bothers me is it contributes to an already...

30th Sep 2014

Ottawa Arduino Meetups

We’re a friendly group of beginners and experts. We have regular meetups, contests, field trips and workshops varying with demand. Come out and have fun in a relaxed environment. Connect to the community, learn...

28th Sep 2014

Lets Make a Clock

Too much time on your hands? Let’s make a clock! Anything goes. Electronic or not. This started as a contest but for the time being it’s a list of people...

28th Sep 2014


The recent rooster inlay came out pretty nice so I decided to try more experiments. Do you have some simple subject matter you’d like me to try? I want to try a...

25th Sep 2014

Masquerade Masks

I was challenged to make a masquerade mask (or masks). I wanted make it a bit like Firefly. First one came out great despite limited time. I learned a few things and...

23rd Sep 2014

Timeless Rooster

This year’s rooster is Timeless Rooster. He is at Atomic Rooster Annual Cock Show until October 26. Timeless Rooster is made from exotic hardwood inlay. His glowing eye tells time using color. He is $200 and there is a round...

22nd Sep 2014
Swarf Everywhere

CNC Machine

I’ve revived the Marauder simple CNC design project so I wanted to look look at the specifications of the machines I’ve been using. It can help guide some of the parameters of the...

20th Sep 2014

Squiggly Draw V3

Here’s another version of Squiggly-Graph I made for three-year old Baby Angelo. I tried bigger teeth to see what would happen. One of the two gears is actually captive once...

16th Sep 2014

Gear Toy

I making a gift for Baby Angelo (3 years old). I want to make him a gear toy. It will be peg-board and bolts that thread in from the bottom. Gears will...

04th Sep 2014
Screenshot 2014-09-04 23.40.42-1000

Paper Plane Folder and Launcher

There are a lot of challenges with this problem and I’ve been working on this for a while without much progress.. I may have enough ideas on how to solve the...

02nd Sep 2014

Blink Detection for ALS

I was cruising the Arduino forum and came across a situation where someone with ALS could not communicate with his friends due to complete paralysis. They were looking for a blink detector so he...

02nd Sep 2014

Photonic Levitation

At Makerfaire I got a few suggestions for the wakalong glider project but this one really stands out. Doug was noticing the gliders flying around but he often couldn’t see the gliders...

01st Sep 2014

3D Scanning

With 3D Printing and other CNC fabrication being all the rage, scanning is an area of interest. The local library has acquired some equipment for scanning. I’m sure it works...

30th Aug 2014

3D Printing

I installed my 3D printers after some reorganization to make space. These machines are a handy but to be frank I’ve had better payback from CNC Laser and CNC rotary cutting....

30th Aug 2014
Work Environment

Got Dust? CNC Dust Control

I love my CNC machine but it generates loads of dust and swarf. So much vacuuming. Even when I changed the vacuum bag often it was still overloaded and spewing dust out the exhaust....

19th Aug 2014
Screenshot 2014-08-19 09.48.21-1000

Marauder CNC

The world needs more portable and accessible CNC stuff. Makers can visit venues with various cutters (and people have their own cutters) but I think it’s time for “pop-up cnc” that...