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Time to MAKE

Turn off the TV and make something! Come to one of these meetups all welcome!

Masquerade Mask Lighting

Arduino powered Masquerade Masks

Maker Movement

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Ottawa’s hackers and makers.


Learn Arduino! Meet people who love Arduino!


FireFly is a socially aware pendant. It lights your way through the night and through a unique social experience.


Arduino powered snowflakes!

Learn Arduino

Arduino User Group #Ottawa

Walkalong Glider Kits

Is it fun or is it education?

Sparrow Model Airplane

Sparrow Model Airplane available in Ottawa!

19th Jan 2015

Faux Phone

Janak is doing this cool Fauxn. It’s hilarious. It’s a dummy phone to help with cell phone addiction. I should mention there’s a much more feature rich version. It’s made...

18th Jan 2015


A Shared CNC Machine in Ottawa This is a rough draft to propose a shared CNC machine! Comment away! Purpose Useful desktop CNC cutters have become affordable for individuals but with the excitement of...

17th Jan 2015

Dancing Laser Flower

I’ve got this laser show toy that gives an interesting projection by shining a laser on two wobbly mirrors which are attached to motors. I wanted to make my own using...

16th Jan 2015
2015-01-18 16.35.57-1000

Ottawa Arduino and Hacker Meetup Group

We’re a friendly group of beginners and experts. We like to make and hack things. We’re more than Arduino. We’re into: Art Drones Robotics Arduino Microcontrollers Electronics RC vehicles and planes Making...

16th Jan 2015

Pope Punch

Salaman Rushdie made a comment after the Charlie Hebdo killing. Religion, a mediaeval form of unreason, when combined with modern weaponry becomes a real threat to our freedoms. This religious totalitarianism has...

15th Jan 2015

Vinyl Valentines Templates

I made valentines cards on the laser a while back. Super fun but it’s a bit more labor than it looks. I used a simpler technique with Christmas Cards using templates...

12th Jan 2015

Record Tote

I occasionally have to carry a few records for the Record Clock project. It’s not too hard but there are a lot of ways to damage records. I’ve been carrying...

10th Jan 2015

Aluminum Dog Tags

I want to make a batch of aluminum dog tags for all my friends with dogs. My first prototype came out good enough to use but it’s not very nice. I’m going...

06th Jan 2015
Bicycle Record Clock

Record Clocks

Here are some clocks I made by cutting LP records (other clock projects). It started off as an experiment but a few of my friends wanted one so I made more. I’m...

06th Jan 2015


These meetups are intended to be social to talk about making and hacking projects. Of course people can bring projects to work on too! But it tends to be in...

05th Jan 2015
Spindle Business Card

Spindle Adapter Business Cards

I make business cards out of my cutoffs and one of the more popular ones lately has been my business cards from vinyl records. Here’s the latest version. The spindle...

05th Jan 2015

Vinyl and CD Pendants

Here are a few pendants I cut from LP records and CDs. What to make next? I learned to cut LP records and CD/DVDs while making record clocks. Related Rainbow Minerals...

03rd Jan 2015

Wood Menu

Living Hinge Table Topper I made a lace-up table topper prototype but I wasn’t sure how well it would lace up. I put extra holes to experiment. I can’t picture...

30th Dec 2014

Light Ideas

This is a collection of ideas for interactive and immersive light installations. These are things that could be deployed at a festival or a club. Interactive Projector A projector is...

24th Dec 2014

Christmas Cards from Record Stencils

I needed to make Christmas cards in a rush this year so really needed to tighten it up. So here’s what I came up with. I cut out some stencils from records using...

18th Dec 2014

Custom Cutting Boards

A couple of friends wanted some custom cutting boards. This is what we came up with. We marked them with CNC laser.