23rd Sep 2017

Flexography Portraits

Doug and I have been working on this. We tried some lithographic experiments (and a few other things). So far this relief printing is the only thing that has come...

21st Sep 2017

Business Card Holders

Fun way to chop up scrap pine wood!

01st Sep 2017

Wood Clocks

Having some fun making a clock from a sheet of wood.

29th Aug 2017

Solid State Laser

I finally got one of those solid state CNC lasers. They’re very affordable and very useful! Here’s the unboxing:

08th Aug 2017

CD Business Cards

I’ve sorted out how to cut CDs fairly well and made some business cards out of them. They are very popular! There are a bunch of offshoots from this project...

07th Aug 2017

Wooden Stamp Business Cards

I’ve been making some wooden stamps so I made a business card stamp as practice. This is india ink and is hand pressed. The colored ones are acrylic water based...

29th Jul 2017

Wooden Stamps

Here’s an experimental wooden stamp. I’m using a stamp pad that I added some black ink to… The Art House Cafe These experiments for The Art House Cafe were done...

26th Jul 2017

Engraving Swiss Army Knife

I got an opportunity to engrave some Swiss Army Knives. If you go online you will see lots of people engraving the handle and blades using a pantogram style engraver...

20th Jul 2017

Wood Signs

I was asked to make this cool cat sign using wood and a laser for engraving. Seems nice I think I’ll make more. Related: Cutting Boards

19th Jul 2017

Custom Cutting Boards

A quick and affordable to make a unique gift is to laser engrave a cutting board. Check out these examples that I made for friends. Related Published Jul 19, 2016 @...

19th Jun 2017

Darth Vader Coasters

I made Darth Vader coasters during a CNC demonstration at the Ottawa Makerspace. Everybody loved them. Especially since it was Fathers Day! They’re made from stained birch.

03rd Jun 2017

Fidget Spinner

I had some bearings lying around so I made a fidget spinner. I find it pretty uninteresting. I liked playing with the bearing by itself more. I’m wondering if there’s...

25th May 2017

Dress from CDs

A group of us are making dresses that use CDs in some way. There is still room in the project for more. So let me know if interested. darcy@inventorArtist.com Here are...

06th May 2017

Coasters from Records

I managed to figure out how to cut records fairly accurately and consistently. So I made some coasters. I think bands could have a lot of fun giving coasters away...

27th Apr 2017

Doodle Business Cards

It turns out that my little drawing robot is great for making more business cards. It appears slow but you can leave it run while you’re working on some other...

26th Apr 2017


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