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21st Apr 2015


We need a vacuum for the CNC613 project. I’m going to make a nice dust extractor but I wanted to pull something together quickly for the mean time. I came...

17th Apr 2015

Custom CNC Machine

I’m putting together a machine for the CNC613 project. The parts are coming in so it’s time to get organized. I’ve outlined the steps I’m going to take to get...

16th Apr 2015

CNC Cart

I need a cart for the CNC613 project. Here’s a concept I drew up that uses 24′ of 2×4 and 30′ of 1×4. I was thinking I’d use drywall screws and glue....

13th Apr 2015

Switch Plates

I’ve been making things from vinyl lately. Who doesn’t want vinyl switch plates! I saw these in the internet and couldn’t resist making my own!

02nd Apr 2015

Karaoke Fund Raiser

I donated three vinyl clocks, vinyl jewelry and a Special Edition Zen Glider for a greyhound fund raiser. It’s a great cause and it was an interesting social. I highly recommend the Shanghai Restaurant...

02nd Apr 2015

Quadcopter Drone

A lot of my friends have all these fancy drones and quadcopters. They’ve been meeting regularly at the makerspace. I decided to get one. I managed to come away for...

11th Mar 2015

Arduino Day 2015

A once a year party to celebrate the maker movement! This year the event is  organised by Maker Space North and Ottawa’s Arduino Group! We decided to have it as an informal...

26th Feb 2015

Business Cards from Record Covers

I’ve got a glut of record covers from the vinyl clock and vinyl jewelry project. I decided to stamp a few business cards from them. I’ve been laser cutting them...

26th Feb 2015

Keyboard Holder

Put your keyboard on top of your monitor to save space! You can just grab it to do more serious typing or poke the keys while it’s in the tray....

22nd Feb 2015

Line Follower Robot

There’s a bit of buzz over at Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts about having a contest! There are two events. Line follower and maze solver. The dates being looked at are March 9th, 14th or 15th. I am...

19th Feb 2015

Vinyl Comb

I needed a comb. So I made a comb out of vinyl. Came out really nice. The small one is the size of a business card.  

15th Feb 2015

Vinyl Clocks

These LP records were up for disposal so they’re receiving new life as clocks. The project has been interesting. I come across items that are nostalgic for myself but I also discover music and history...

15th Feb 2015

Vinyl Jewelry

Here are a few vinyl (and CD/DVD) pendants I made. I’ve been making these vinyl record clocks and I have quite a bit of scraps of LP vinyl so I decided this...

18th Jan 2015

CNC613 Shared CNC Machines in Ottawa

This is a rough draft to propose one or more shared CNC machines! Comment away! If you’d like to join this initiative please leave a comment as well. What’s a CNC Cutter/Engraver?...

17th Jan 2015

Dancing Laser Flower

I’ve got this laser show toy that gives an interesting projection by shining a laser on two wobbly mirrors which are attached to motors. I wanted to make my own using...

16th Jan 2015
2015-01-18 16.35.57-1000

Hack613: Ottawa Arduino and Hacker Meetup Group

We’re a friendly group of beginners and experts. We like to make and hack things. We’re more than Arduino. We’re into: Art Drones Robotics Arduino Microcontrollers Electronics RC vehicles and planes Making...