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FireFly is a socially aware pendant. It lights your way through the night and through a unique social experience. Coming to Nuit Blanche.


Arduino powered snowflakes!

Maker Movement

Maker Movement #Ottawa

Learn Arduino

Arduino User Group #Ottawa

Walkalong Glider Kits

Is it fun or is it education?

Sparrow Model Airplane

Sparrow Model Airplane available in Ottawa!

Dinky Motor

Kids make a motor from a kit and experience the marvels of electricity and magnetism. A great memory jog for adults too!

Forget kites! Check out Squirrel Rubber Band Plane!

Make this plane from a kit, wind up the rubber band propeller and put on your running shoes. It’s popular across the world but it’s the only rubber band plane from Ottawa!

Dayton Model Plane

A brandable model plane. Get yours printed today!

Making Greeting Cards

I’m always up for this so please ping me if you want to try!

30th Jul 2014

Glider Business Card

Business card in progress! This little flyer can be flown with one hand! There is an opportunity for printing on both the airplane and the card holder. This is just...

25th Jul 2014

Paper Planes!

I go to places like the Aviation and Space Museum and Science and Technolgy Museum to do gliders and paper planes. What fun! Here are a couple of paper planes I’ve...

24th Jul 2014


Oculus Thrift is all the rage these days. It’s an elegant way to use your phone to emulate Oculus Rift using a bit of cardboard, lenses and magnets. Friends and...

22nd Jul 2014

Glider Fun!

I’ve started to show the Zen Glider in public so would like to have a fun free event so people can have some fun and take one of them home if...

10th Jul 2014

Arduino Challenge!

The Ottawa Arduino Challenge is a fun and friendly challenge organized by the Ottawa Arduino User Group. The contest is online so anyone can enter and vote but the support meetups are local to...

07th Jul 2014

Continuous Rotation Servo Hack

I needed motors for a small robot and I wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive. Ordinarily you need a DC motor with gearbox and an h-bridge or motor drivers. Lots...

07th Jul 2014

Swirly Draw V2

Swirly Draw V2 is like the original Swirly-Draw except it has magnetic paper holder (like Art-O-Matic and Isocel-Ease). The idea of Swirly Draw was to be small and simple  but I...

28th Jun 2014

Single LED Color Clock

I’ve been thinking about making a single LED clock that uses color to display time for a little while now.  If it’s just one LED and it communicates in color,...

27th Jun 2014
Screenshot 2014-06-27 23.58.182-1000


I was cruising the Arduino forum and came across someone looking for an eye blink sensor. They need to detect blinking in order for a paralyzed person to communicate. I...

25th Jun 2014

In Love With Foam

For me the One-Nite DIY Foam Cutter was just the right machine to fall in love with foam. It was perfect for prototyping and experiment. It was multi-purpose with shaping and slicing capability. It was light,...

17th Jun 2014

Zen Glider

Walkalong gliders are super cool but I wanted a more accessible and convenient version of it. The main issue is transport since they get squashed. The other is you need...

17th Jun 2014

Coin Sorter

When I was a kid I occasionally wondered how vending machines differentiate coins. The thought comes up once in a while but I’ve not looked at it. Recently Dave brought...

16th Jun 2014

I Used to Hate Graffiti

My blood used to boil at the sight of graffiti. It has dawned on me that property damage is negligible compared to the delight of some of this work. Besides, who’s...

12th Jun 2014
Screenshot 2014-06-14 23.37.40-1000

Rolly Robot

All my friends are making robots and I feel left out so here’s my installment. It’s also my entry for the Ottawa Arduino Challenge. Most people are using a pair of geared motors...

10th Jun 2014

Microscope Stand

I just got this microscope in yesterday. It’s for general purpose but especially looking at circuits and electronic components. Yay I can finally read those little numbers on components! It...

08th Jun 2014
Screenshot 2014-06-08 02.58.59-1000

Sudoku Board

I’m making a Sudoku game for my friend Adrian‘s dad who is a stroke victim. So the game needs to be intellectual and physical. Also robust. I think I’ll make one...

04th Jun 2014

Arduino in a Bag

I’ve been toting Arduino stuff for the Blink Arduino Meetup Group and to work on projects with friends. So I’ve been trying to make this easy. It was a big help when I went...

03rd Jun 2014

Paint Box (Pochade Box)

I’m trying to save time so I decided to make a box to organize watercolors. I’ve been carrying them around in a cardboard box with no handle and I loose...

31st May 2014

CNC Machine for Portraits

I’ve been working on carving portraits using a CNC machine for a while without much luck. Today I managed to get it to work a bit better. This is using a 90...

27th May 2014

Swirly Draw

It’s a drawing machine you crank! Sort of a kid-version of art-o-matic. Seems easier than squiggly-draw too. I think this is great for kids. This one has a ratio of 39:40. I like it!...

26th May 2014

Bridging Gap between Breadboards and PCBs

The problem with PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) is they’ve been around for so long. They’ve become “perfected” and taken for granted as is. They’re over engineered for their wide audience and...

25th May 2014

Hack Ur Business Cards

I created a stack-able fixture for laser cutting business cards. This is for material that is already in the size of a business card so we don’t need the outside...

24th May 2014

Quick Card Making

Okay so I’ve invested in all this stuff to make cards (plus materials) so now’s the test. I’ve only got a short time to make something (this is theoretically going to...

24th May 2014


I managed to get together a small 8″ checker board from hardboard. Now I have to make the checkers themselves. This took a bit of time but it was pretty fun. Also...