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It’s here.

Time to Make Christmas Cards

Water Color Christmas Cards! We’ll be having some fun card making sessions. Subscribe to newsletter to receive invitations!

Masquerade Mask Lighting

Arduino powered Masquerade Masks

Make a Christmas Parol Lantern

Make Your Own Philippines Christmas Parol Lantern!

Maker Movement

Come to meetups!


Ottawa’s hackers and makers.


Learn Arduino! Meet people who love Arduino!


FireFly is a socially aware pendant. It lights your way through the night and through a unique social experience.


Arduino powered snowflakes!

Learn Arduino

Arduino User Group #Ottawa

18th Dec 2014

Custom Cutting Boards

A couple of friends wanted some custom cutting boards. This is what we came up with. We marked them with CNC laser.  

17th Dec 2014

Cutting CDs

I’ve been cutting up LP records to make clocks and I wanted to find out if I could cut CDs. Imagine the possibilities with inlay not to mention a lot...

14th Dec 2014

Bamboo Parol Lantern

Here’s a 24″ bamboo Parol Lantern Frame. It’s a Philippines Christmas tradition! This is made from 3/32″ bamboo. I’m very pleased as it is very rigid. DIY Bamboo Parol Lantern...

13th Dec 2014

Line Follower Robot

There’s a bit of buzz over at Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts about having a contest! There are two events. Line follower and maze solver. The dates being looked at are March 9th, 14th or 15th. I...

28th Nov 2014

Lunch Bag

I was challenged to mark some lunch bags for a “Lunch & Learn” in the soft skill space. I thought I’d stick a pen on a CNC machine and see...

08th Nov 2014

Parol Contest 2014

I learned about Christmas Parol Lanterns last year and love making them. This year I was invited to enter a Parol contest. Order Parol Kits! What came forward was the Laser Parol. It’s...

30th Oct 2014

Shoe Rack

Lately I’ve been dreaming of larger format CNC machines and I think a shoe rack could be a fun project. I’m just starting the project and I’ll I’ve done is...

07th Oct 2014

Record Clock

I made a clock out of an LP record. It came out nice so I made more for friends. Which ones do you like? What to make next? I am also making the...

06th Oct 2014


The maker movement is developing in Ottawa with the appearance of maker spaces and meetup groups! We’re a group of makers and hackers. We want to meet regularly to share projects, support...

04th Oct 2014

Wooden Invitations

Check out these wooden party invitations that were commissioned. They had their concept and design all ready. It’s simple and cute and comes together on this material very well. I love...

03rd Oct 2014

2014 Parol Lantern Kits

It’s time to make Parol Lanterns for Christmas! For “made-to-order” kits please email ( with how many and your address. You’ll receive a link to pay! They’re $10/kit. Order. The kits are...

03rd Oct 2014

Wooden Business Cards

One of the perks of a laser or other CNC cutter is cool business cards! I’ve been using wood for my business cards. Exotic hardwood has been cool but oddly...