The New Parol Kits are here! Summer’s here… What are you making? CD Earrings Vinyl Clocks! Time to MAKE Masquerade Mask Lighting Maker Movement Hack613 Arduino FireFly

The New Parol Kits are here!

24″ wooden parol frames! $25

Summer’s here… What are you making?

Come join our shared CNC cutting machine!

CD Earrings

Upcycle earrings from CDs!

Time to MAKE

Turn off the TV and make something! Come to one of these meetups all welcome!

Masquerade Mask Lighting

Arduino powered Masquerade Masks

Maker Movement

Come to meetups!


Ottawa’s hackers and makers.


Learn Arduino! Meet people who love Arduino!


FireFly is a socially aware pendant. It lights your way through the night and through a unique social experience.

01st Jul 2015

Happy Canada Day!

For Canada Day I made these! They’re cut from a CD so they make all sorts of rainbows and stuff in the light. Buy them here!  

23rd Jun 2015

Vinyl Cell Phone Stand

I’ve got these two designs I want to make one that’s flat and fits in your briefcase/purse better. I designed it but it failed when I cut it out. Will...

21st Jun 2015

Neil Young Uses Trump Hair Without Permission

Rock star Neil Young makes a statement using Trump’s hair. After Trumps unauthorized use of his song “Rocking in the Free World” Young has decided to use Trumps hair. “Rockin’ In...

20th Jun 2015

InventorArtist at Atomic

Spin July 14th, 2015 Atomic Rooster, 303 Bank Street 7pm I’ll be at Atomic Rooster for a live art performance.

19th Jun 2015

Health & Happiness Fest & Chinatown Market

The Chinatown Craft Market was a great success despite wind and rain. I brought Vinyl Clocks and Jewelry, met many new friends and got lots of new ideas of how to present!...

16th Jun 2015

Spirograph Business Card Using CNC

I made spirograph business cards in the past using a laser cutter. They were one of the more popular cards I’ve made. Here’s the CNC version. I’m cutting these out...

07th Jun 2015

Upcycle Earrings from CD

Thank you for sharing this page on your Facebook or Twitter. The people that have seen this page so far have given me lots of ideas and encouragement. These earrings...

06th Jun 2015

CD Mirror

I made a mirror out of CDs. I framed it with vinyl. All the Squares are 1″ so the piece is 14″ square.  All the CDs where yoga and related...

06th Jun 2015

Light Ideas

This is a collection of ideas for interactive and immersive light installations. These are things I’m interested in doing that could be deployed at a festival or a club. Interactive...

04th Jun 2015

Vinyl Desk Clock

I’ve made vinyl clocks but decided to try a desk clock. This is made from a vinyl record that has been cut (smooth corners) and bent with a heat gun....

31st May 2015

Hendrix with Vinyl, CD and DVD

Here are some experiments using vinyl, CD and DVDs as inlay to make a portrait. I cut away on a vinyl record and add a second layer of vinyl to...

25th May 2015

2015 Parol Lantern

I’m already getting requests for Christmas Parol Lanterns. This would be my third year making them. I started the project in 2013 just after I learned what a Parol Lantern was....