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Ottawa River Ice

Check out river ice!

CD Earrings

Upcycle earrings from CDs!

Time to MAKE

Turn off the TV and make something! Come to one of these meetups all welcome!

Masquerade Mask Lighting

Arduino powered Masquerade Masks

Maker Movement

Come to meetups!

29th Jan 2016

Mystery Challenge Feb15

Mystery challenge is back! It’s not too late to join in! You’re welcome to contact us or come to one of the events below to pick up a package ($5)!...

21st Jan 2016

Wooden Pendants

I managed to cut out a test from cedar. I’m very pleased. Now to design something nicer as I have lots of different types of wood to try.

07th Jan 2016

Glider from Packing Foam

I was discussing the Zen Glider over at Reddit’s Engineering Porn forum. Zen is a walkalong glider. A few people inquired about the materials but PinkBalloons was guessing polyethylene sheet (the Zen...

06th Jan 2016

Notebook from Record

Vinyl record covers were made to be nice so why not use them as notebook covers! I’ve got a supply of record covers from the earring and vinyl clock project....

04th Jan 2016

Robots and Ink

I’ve been making business cards out of record covers from LP vinyl (and many other things by the way). They come out pretty unusual (good) but it’s a fair amount of work...

20th Dec 2015

Chips the Chubby Squirrel

I was out with my drone friends for aerial photography near Island Park of Ottawa where I live. There was a gang of chubby Squirrels who were very curious about us. That’s how...

20th Dec 2015

Silly Walks Vinyl Clock

I’ve been making vinyl clocks which involves cutting up vinyl records that have been cast away (I catch them before hand by finding people who are disposing). I still wind up with...

19th Dec 2015

Vinyl Notebook Cover

I started to make notebooks out of Vinyl. I’ve been carrying this prototype for nearly a month now. I also make notebooks from the record covers. I think the vinyl one is...

08th Dec 2015

Vinyl Bracelets

I’ve been making earrings from vinyl which is great for women. I’ve been thinking about what to make for men and finally a friend came forward who wants a couple bracelets....

13th Nov 2015

Parol Lantern Kit

This is my third year making Parol Lanterns. I started the project for fund raising when Huricane Haiyan ravaged the Philippines on November 11 of 2013. This year I am making 23″ hardboard Parol frames....

29th Oct 2015

Pew Pew! It’s Halloween

For handing stuff out to kids, I don’t like candy so like to make small toys. In the past I’ve made rubber band planes. What to do this year? Perhaps this rubber...

15th Sep 2015

A Couple of Cocks?

My submission this year is Cock Earrings. The rest of my earring project. They will be purchased/ordered by customers and I will continually replenish the display with various designs. Pictures...

03rd Sep 2015


I used to be a Salsa fanatic but I’ve fallen away from dancing over the past few years. I met Caroline at Hub Ottawa who happens to be a Salsa...

20th Aug 2015
2015-08-01 19.33.37-1000

Electric Bicycle

I have been struggling to fit exercise into my schedule and I found the answer. An electric bicycle! Below  it is being modelled by Steve Aplin. The basket and extra lights are...

20th Aug 2015

Ottawa Drone

I’ve been having so much fin with my little drone so I got one with a descent camera. A Few Shots Equipment Video Camera: DCI 4K (4096 x 2160): 24p, 25p UHD 4K...

14th Jul 2015

Atomic Rooster – Spin: Robotics & Art

Atomic Rooster has a regular live-art show where they invite painters to perform their work on the stage. I did a live-art show on July 14th but instead of painting...