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Paint Night in Ottawa

Paint, meet new friends and have a drink!

CD Earrings

Upcycle earrings from CDs!

Time to MAKE

Turn off the TV and make something! Come to one of these meetups all welcome!

Masquerade Mask Lighting

Arduino powered Masquerade Masks

Maker Movement

Come to meetups!


Ottawa’s hackers and makers.


Learn Arduino! Meet people who love Arduino!


FireFly is a socially aware pendant. It lights your way through the night and through a unique social experience.

21st May 2016

Dip Bot

I’ve had this project in the pipe for some time and I finally started to converge enough to write some code and get some experimenting done. I decided on an architecture...

05th May 2016

Next Steps for Vinyl

Sarah of The Canadian Maker has approached me and I am excited to announce that we will be collaborating on earring design and she will be bringing it to trade shows....

04th May 2016


At the Hack613 meetup this evening we worked on the development of a new paint night. The experiments/demo were a great success. This technique is Fred Maheux’s “subliminal” method which...

04th May 2016

Wooden Earrings and Pendants

Lois and I will be exploring wooden jewelry. I’ve already started some experiments. I think it will be fun to see what we can come up with. These experiments are...

29th Apr 2016

Recovered Wood Clock

This wood is from Michael’s hydroponic vegetables in Smiths Falls. It was on that project for many years and then it was used for a cart for the CNC613 project....

21st Apr 2016

Hackaday World Create Day – Ottawa

  We met new friends and started new discussions! Get a seat for the event at meetup. Saturday, April 23, 2016 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Maker Space North 250...

22nd Mar 2016

Arduino Day 2016

Arduino Day is here! When: Saturday, April 2, 2016 from 1pm-5pm! Where: Maker Space North! Suite 216, 250 City Center! Who? You! If you’re interested in learning about the maker...

22nd Mar 2016

Electric Flipbook!

I made a simple flipbook kit which was really fun so I’m working on a wall mount with a 4″ screen, electric drive and arduino control with sensors. I’m prototyping...

22nd Mar 2016

TV Mount

I was hanging out with Doug, Dave and Justin the other day. We decided to hang a TV on the wall. Instead of going through a large project to get...

15th Mar 2016


We have a location that adds a bit of capacity and social to our process. We call ourselves Make613. It’s in the City Center at Maker Space North. We have walk-up...

15th Mar 2016

End of World or Unscientific Hysteria?

Here’s the claim David Cardill makes in the youbute video below: We’re running out of oxygen due to fossil fuel burning. All the birds are dead/dying and humanity is at...

06th Mar 2016

Wooden Business Cards

One of the perks of a laser or other CNC cutter is cool business cards! I’ve been using wood for my business cards. Exotic hardwood has been cool but oddly...

29th Feb 2016

Wood Gears

I was asked to make some gears in plywood. I made them in three layers out of different colors of wood. I used oak and maple ply. They came out...

29th Feb 2016

Wood Clock

I helped Gina make this clock by mounting the clock spindle. I used the CNC613 machine to pocket out the back. The face was lasered and the back was wood-burned.

29th Feb 2016

CD Holder

I was asking Dave to not throw out any CD spindles at work since I can use them. Minutes later he handed me this flat pack CD holder from hardboard...

23rd Feb 2016

Maker House Co. is a Thing

Know the story of your stuff! I’m proud to say I’m one of the 60 artisans of Maker House! Maker House is a social enterprise that moves goods from local...