Ottawa’s Vinyl and CD Earring Maker

These earrings (and pendants) are made from CD, DVD and a vinyl (from LP records).

Vinyl, CD and DVD material has beautiful structural color. It reflects light and the interference patterns create color.

CD material is very light weight and I’ve been getting some very positive feedback on that.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at or see the store page. Also I’m looking for CDs and vinyl records that are being disposed of.

I started with three simple designs. Brocade, Cameo, Spindle (45RPM Spindle Adapter), Africa Cassette, Pixelated T-Rex and Guitar Pick.

That was really popular so I made new designs and experimented with heat treating the CDs in a soldering reflow oven.

Another fun angle on the up-cycle jewelry project.

I’m applying heat using a re-flow oven I’m making up for soldering.


I’ve been looking at how to make packaging to protect this stuff while it’s in transit to it’s new home. In the past I have experimented with little boxes made from old record covers. Today I decided to make a case out of a CD. I started to drill holes in the black insert but realized the spindle snap can clamp the earrings.

How It’s Made

I am designing these with a Sketchup CAD program.

I made prototypes and and the final pieces on a CNC machine.

Here’s a video of the same machine making parts for a painting robot. It also made several drawing robots. This is a failed version of the robot by the way.

Here it is actually cutting a CD.


I did a fair amount of experimentation with vinyl and CDs leading up to this.


CD and DVD cutting projects

Other CNC projects

Vinyl projects

Published on: Jun 7, 2015 @ 09:18

4 Responses to “Ottawa’s Vinyl and CD Earring Maker

  • I will see if i have any old c.d’s and cases.for you.
    I love the funky.
    Im not at bizarre this week but will be in touch to pick some up from you.

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