Inventor Artist

I’m a beginner at everything. As you may have noticed. Photo by Phonesavanh Thongsouksanoumane.

Turn off your TV and make something!


Projects: listed in footer and sidebar. Check what’s new or newsletter for updates.

I’m active in the art community, maker movement, social entrepreneurship and business community.

I am usually found somewhere between Toronto, NYC, Montreal and Ottawa so check to see if I’m in your area.

Check out these record business cards. Also business cards from reused material. Lots more cool business cards.

Ask me anything. Here is a calendarFriendsresources and community. Maker movement. I made the news. I’ll be skinny soon. Stuff to think about. My parts list to make sure I don’t buy any of this stuff.

My artist statement. Art in the dictionary. Art in wiki.


8 Responses to “Inventor Artist

  • Hey there Darcy.

    I met you at Pour Boy a few months ago.

    I would love to order a ladyface clock from you please!!

    I don’t need it until August, just to give you some time.

    Is the price $30? I feel that’s what you told me before but I could be wrong.

    Also in the photo of the ladyface clock it has your logo cut in. Is that on all the clocks or just an example as I would prefer without the logo.

    Hope you are having a good day.


  • Hey Darcy,

    I see your stuff pop up on Reddit all the time. I love it! How much for a Hendrix clock?


  • Hey Darcy,
    I saw your stuff especially the Painting robot. may I ask, what are the measurements of the wood and what did you use for programming. what type of arduino did you use? please answer back. thanks 🙂

    • This stuff is all outlined on the numerous pages for painting and drawing robots. Did you look through those pages?

  • Hi, wondering how much it costs for custom vinyl clocks. Thanks 🙂

  • Hi love what you do would it be possible to do the clocks with a small rotary tool and if so what bit would you recommend I was wanting to do something for my wife’s birthday

    • If you have a look at my clocks page it shows lots of methods of cutting the vinyl.

      Are you wanting me to make one or are you wanting help making one yourself?

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