17th Nov 2012

BFB Dual Head 3D Printer

I purchased a BFB Dual Head 3D Printer for the model airplane project. I think it may be able to make parts for ongoing projects too.

16th Nov 2012


I made some Scrabble tiles for my friend the other day and that got me all excited about making games. So I decided to make a tic-tac-toe game out of...

11th Nov 2012

CNC Wire Bender

At the beginning of this life-phase of making things I attempted to make a CNC 3D wire bender. It would eventually make pre-bent landing gear for my simple model airplane...

10th Oct 2012

Glut Rooster

Electric Rooster was a a lot of fun so here’s another instalment of the Rooster Project. Meet Glut Rooster. When you pull his string he drinks his beer and a bell chimes. The...