19th Feb 2018

Salsa Fan

I like salsa dancing but I have a hard time staying cool. Here’s an inexpensive and easy solution! And it works great. I got a 120mm-5V fan in ebay for...

10th Dec 2017

T-Shirt Block Printing

Andrew and I gave this a whirl today! It works great! I think I will try some more of this!

28th Nov 2017

Spin Art

Here’s a cool way to make spin art! Pictures of the apparatus further down. Wire a computer fan to a power source. Make sure the power source voltage is less...

27th Nov 2017

Rubber Stamp Business Cards

I love my regular laser cut buisness card (and other business cards) but I want an easier way that doesn’t depend on laser. Once you have ink stamps you can...

26th Nov 2017

Watercolor Christmas Cards

I was at a social the other day and a watercolor Christmas card was being passed around. I loved it so decided to give it a try. We made some...

19th Oct 2017

Custom Vinyl Clocks Ottawa

These LP records were up for disposal so they’re receiving a new life as clocks (store). The project has been interesting. I come across items that are nostalgic for myself but I also discover music and...

19th Oct 2017

Integrated Circuit Earrings

Check out these IC Earrings.

22nd Sep 2017

Seed Germination

Pengcheng, Steve and I are growing a  batch of basil and other herbs. I just started it this morning. There are three types of basil, chili and jalapeno.

25th May 2017

Dress from CDs

A group of us are making dresses that use CDs in some way. There is still room in the project for more. So let me know if interested. darcy@inventorArtist.com Here are...

01st Apr 2017

Pee-O-Matic 5000

So Tariq was joking around about people who can’t aim there pee. That got me thinking. This is such a challenge for some. Well I was able to find a...

11th Mar 2017

CNC 2020

This is a “2020B” kit. It’s made from PVC. Assembly was pretty easy and fun so I highly recommend this kit to the right audience. It’s an affordable kit but is...

28th Jan 2017

Peppers Ghost

Erica brought up this idea of doing Peppers Ghost as a DIY activity for kids. Most instructions call for a piece of acrylic or glass. I happen to have some...

01st Oct 2016

Bamboo Parol Lantern

Here’s a 24″ bamboo Parol Lantern Frame. This is made from 3/32″ bamboo from bamboo blinds! I’m very pleased as it is very rigid. DIY Bamboo Parol Lantern Here’s how...

31st May 2016

Voice of Bullshit

Raymond Loomer has created his version of Voice of Fire entitled Voice of Bullshit! He is making a statement that the National Art Gallery is am important resources. It should be...

25th Apr 2016


Justin and I found an old dolly in the dumpster. One of the wheels was loose and you couldn’t tighten it because of the way it was constructed. So I...

06th Jan 2016

Notebook from Record

Vinyl record covers were made to be nice so why not use them as notebook covers! I’ve got a supply of record covers from the earring and vinyl clock project....