I♥U Glider


Glider kits ready for shipping to any country.

I♥U Glider (“I Luv U Glider or Heart Glider”) is a walkalong glider kit. You walk behind it with cardboard creating air current which keeps the glider aloft! Don’t believe it? Have a look at the videos below!

Great for educators, team building or just plain fun.

Also great for summer camps, parties, schools and community centres. Kids and adults love them!

Watch the instruction videos below for best results

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Impress your friends! Become enlightened! Be the life of the party!
Experience the miracle of flight! Walkalong glider party at Atomic Rooster Pub, Ottawa, ON.

Walkalong Glider Instruction Video

Video instructions for I♥U Glider are below! Watch the video and you’ll have better results and have more fun! Questions and comments are welcome.

Here’s a video of a similar model flying.

It’s good to practice flying a tumbling wing shown at the beginning of this video before trying your I♥U Glider.

Here’s how to assemble and fly your I♥U Glider.


Workshops and Glider “Totes”


Download your very own tote!

When conducting a workshop have a few gliders ready for flying so you can demonstrate the concept and let people try. It helps to have a helper or two. If not, try and recruit one from the workshop crowd.

Have a few pieces of cardboard ready so a few people can be coached at a time. If younger children are present it is helpful to make some paper planes as well.

Once people are having fun and understand flying, you can start making the gliders.

Some kids may want to decorate them with markers.

Bring some of these glider totes for carrying for transporting the gliders home! Print it on 8.5×11″ paper, fold and glue and presto! Glider Tote

Children who enjoy decorating the gliders may want to decorate their tote as well.

Different people at different ages will enjoy the activity differently. By having the paper planes, gliders and totes, your party will have a richer eco-system of activities and different types of engagement.

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