19th Oct 2017

Custom Vinyl Clocks Ottawa

These LP records were up for disposal so they’re receiving a new life as clocks (store). The project has been interesting. I come across items that are nostalgic for myself but I also discover music and...

01st Sep 2017

Wood Clocks

Having some fun making a clock from a sheet of wood.

08th Aug 2017

CD Business Cards

I’ve sorted out how to cut CDs fairly well and made some business cards out of them. They are very popular! There are a bunch of offshoots from this project...

10th Jan 2017

Vinyl Desk Clock

I’ve made vinyl clocks but decided to try a desk clock. This is made from a vinyl record that has been cut (smooth corners) and bent with a heat gun....

29th Apr 2016

Recovered Wood Clock

This wood is from Michael’s hydroponic vegetables in Smiths Falls. It was on that project for many years and then it was used for a cart for the CNC613 project....

29th Feb 2016

Wood Clock

I helped Gina make this clock by mounting the clock spindle. I used the CNC613 machine to pocket out the back. The face was lasered and the back was wood-burned.

20th Dec 2015

Silly Walks Vinyl Clock

I’ve been making vinyl clocks which involves cutting up vinyl records that have been cast away (I catch them before hand by finding people who are disposing). I still wind up with...

25th Apr 2015

Silly Walks Clock Conversion!

I made a Ministry of Silly Walks conversion kit by cutting out parts from a DVD cover (yay for upcycling). I’m supposing the material is polypropylene. If you’d like to see...

02nd Apr 2015

Karaoke Fund Raiser

I donated three vinyl clocks, vinyl jewelry and a Special Edition Zen Glider for a greyhound fund raiser. It’s a great cause and it was an interesting social. I highly recommend the Shanghai Restaurant...

02nd Oct 2014

Skirt Inlay

Nobody came forward with any pictures so I’m doing this skirt I found in I google (“black and white stripped dress“). This is only 14 pieces so it should be fun...

28th Sep 2014


The recent rooster inlay came out pretty nice so I decided to try more experiments. Do you have some simple subject matter you’d like me to try? I want to try a...

23rd Sep 2014

Timeless Rooster

This year’s rooster is Timeless Rooster. He’s made from walnut, teak, maple and many other exotic hardwoods from around the world. His glowing eye tells time using color. He is sanded to 3600...

28th Jun 2014

Single LED Clock

An example of this LED clock is installed in my 2014 rooster project. I’ve been thinking about making a single LED clock that uses color to display time for a little...