03rd Nov 2016

Ottawa’s Vinyl Clock Maker

These LP records were up for disposal so they’re receiving a new life as clocks (store). The project has been interesting. I come across items that are nostalgic for myself but I also discover music and...

19th Jul 2016

Custom Cutting Boards

A quick and affordable to make a unique gift is to laser engrave a cutting board. Check out these examples that I made for friends.  

01st Jun 2016

Robots and Ink

I’ve been making business cards out of record covers from LP vinyl (and many other things). They come out pretty unusual (good) but it’s a fair amount of work to stamp information...

21st May 2016

Dip Bot

I’ve had this project in the pipe for some time and I finally started to converge enough to write some code and get some experimenting done. I decided on an architecture...

31st May 2015

Hendrix with Vinyl, CD and DVD

Here are some experiments using vinyl, CD and DVDs as inlay to make a portrait. Follow those links for more detail on what and how I’m cutting. I cut away...

31st May 2014

CNC Machine for Portraits

I’ve been working on carving portraits using a CNC machine for a while without much luck. Today I managed to get it to work a bit better. This is using a 90...

01st Dec 2012

Another Type of Carving

This is a picture of my friend Maitre from Cuba. Wohoo Salsa! Here’s a cool method of transferring a photo to a piece of wood. I’m using a piece of...

28th Nov 2012

Exploring Toolchains

The painting robot project is an interesting software challenge. I’ve been looking at prior art and related projects and I believe I will benefit from studying toolchains further. Particularly those...

28th Sep 2012

Drawing Robots

I’m not the first to attempt a drawing robot but for me the drive originates from wanting to make a painting robot. The idea floated in my head until one...