29th Oct 2015

Pew Pew! It’s Halloween

For handing stuff out to kids, I don’t like candy so like to make small toys. In the past I’ve made rubber band planes. What to do this year? Perhaps this rubber...

25th Oct 2013

Dayton Rubber Band Plane

Last night we did a test build of the Dayton rubber band plane I have been working on. Dayton is a simple rubber band plane made from paper and balsa....

05th May 2013

To the Park, Squirrel in Hand

Yesterday I took a nice walk in the park just for fun. Of course I brought a Squirrel model plane with me. What a pleasant afternoon! Anybody want to come...

05th May 2013

Foam Planes

I made up this batch of Foam Squirrels for a group of kids in Montreal. I don’t sell these yet but I must say they are great flyers.  

31st Mar 2013

Designing a Propeller

I’ve been working on some propeller designs for rubber-power model airplanes. This is a fun project and the plan is to use a 3D printer for prototyping. I’m quite excited...

08th Feb 2013

Sparrow Catapult Plane

Here are a few pictures of the Sparrow catapult plane designed by my friend Lloyd Shales. I really love this model. It’s a great kit that’s very easy to assemble....