Arduino Day

Arduino’s tenth anniversary is upon us! So let”s hang out! What’s an Arduino? Check out Arduino workshops!

Arduino Jam Session

Saturday, March 29th, 2pm-5pm
Room M70, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa

Bring your Arduino or project if you have one. Don’t panic otherwise, I have extra. But let me know when you RSVP. Don’t forget your laptop if you have one! There’s free wireless!

Arduino Day Reflection!

We had lots of people in fact people were using the workbenches because the tables were all full. Some people left and another round came in for around 4:30pm. In fact it’s 6:20pm as I write this and there are still six people.

The highlight for me was a DC motor stress test. At the beginning of the run it was drawing 3.5 Amps at around 1 Volt. Towards the end of the run when the motor failed it was only drawing about .2-.3 Amps and 30V. How do you like them apples. This sort of freedom to experiment is a key to creativity!

I now realize how important it is for people to have a place to hang out, help and be helped! Keep an eye on the Arduino Course Page to see the schedule.

Another thing I learned is that some people’s laptops can take some time to get going. I am wondering if the right thing to do is have people come to the Arduino Jam Sessions until their laptop is set up rather than have it as part of the absolute beginner course.


Economist says: “More than just digital quilting
Atmel at the core of this phenomenon of the Maker Movement.
Sparkfun has an Arduino sale!

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  • Thanks for organizing this Darcy! My son and I had a lot of fun! Was great seeing / helping people of all ages and skill level.

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