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  • Hi great blog,
    i used to make some custom boxes for my work – creating the box around the product i was sending; it made for a very secure shipping method compared with excess packing in a larger box. The CNC machine you made for box creation looks interesting I would like it if you did more on this subject software choices and problems you came across in the hardware – i notices the tension roller that seems to work well.
    Will you make a V2? the one I have had experience with pins the card down with suction and uses a blade to cut out the features and a “pizza cutter” type tool to score. Looking forward to making something like this as soon as I have room.


    • Hi Cordel,

      Thanks for the comment. As a matter of fact I do have a V2. I will post it this week. I will be happy to give the details of the software. Great idea!

    • Just watched the TEDx video. I enjoyed it.

  • Hey Darcy,

    We met yesterday (Jan 8th) at the Atomic Rooster. I believe you have an awesome picture of me that I’d love to have!

    Thank you again for the awesome night, I thoroughly enjoyed it!


    • It was a pleasure to meet! And thanks for coming! Picture forwarded through email…

  • I need some help, could you show me via links how to make the conection part of the copper and the electricity?

  • Hi!
    Really like this homepage, but could you pls add metrics for us poor slobs in Europe?

  • Hey Darcy, I am glad to have discovered you today. I have called myself a inventor-artist, a possibilitist and a whimsicalist for years. I sort of re-entered this amusing and interesting sideline in 2009 after quitting in 1995. I started as a cartoonist for magazines in 1966. I am looking forward to seeing what you do, and learning from you. I may or may not be the dog that can’t learn new tricks. Look up my recent TEDx talk in Indianapolis to see how old I look.

  • Darcy,
    Do you ever make PCBs with your CNC machine? If so, I would be grateful if you would show me your set-up. I’m old-school and just getting back into electronics and need to start making my own PCBs.


    … Adrian

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Actually I bought some materials to try and make a PCB using my mill. Perhaps we can give it a whirl.


  • I like your project ideas. I will probably be testing them out over the summer so I can use some of them to help teach my students. I am a Technology/ Engineering teacher at Wasatch Junior High in SLC Utah. I have a YouTube site that you might like because I like to show projects too. My channel is TheMrByrom. I have a friend that wrote software to program the small CNC mill that you might like. check out his web site

    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the note.

      I will eyeball your friends CNC site. I saw the POV there already and it looks like fun.

      If you want to chat about things to do with kids I’d love to. I’ll look at your youtube channel as well.

  • Any chance the Isocel-ease is open source? I’m curious about the math. It’d be fun to try and do this with a cnc machine.

    Great project!


    • I guess it will be open source. Right now the software doesn’t do much (despite working on it a few hours on the weekend). But it will do stuff soon as I think I have the right algorithms in my head…

  • I’ll look forward to an update!

  • Darcy the machine you were testing on Sunday should be able to do PCB.

  • G’day!

    I’m new to CNC, but I love your work on the ear rings and clock etc.

    Can you tell me what type of bit I need to cut like that? I only have a 4mm cutting bit at present!

    2 flute? 4 flute? What would you recommend as a good set of assorted bits to start off?

    Thank you!

    • Check out my various blog posts on cnc cutting. Also why not just try that 4mm and let me know how it goes?

  • Hello! My daughter and I purchased some of your beautiful wood earrings at Glow Fest and would like to buy more! Do you have a shop that we could come by and look at your inventory in person?


  • Do you do a Ned Kelly image on the Clock?

  • Hi, sorry, I can’t see on the picture…is the beatles clock, done on an actual beatles album?

    • No, not unless you bring me the album.

      It is usually something contrasting. Like Jimi Hendrix cut from classic. Or something from around the birth date of the artist to show the progress of music. What city are you in?

  • hi l want to buy Swirly Draw for lesson. I need it and it is important for me .contact me please

    • Sure, send me an email with your address and I’ll put one together for you…

  • Hi 😀 Love your work? I am interested of buying som but I don´t know if it is possible or how to do it 🙁

  • Hi, will you design and cut custom record clocks? I have some ideas but lack everything other than the basic idea.

  • Hi Darcy,

    I absolutely love your work! I’d like to purchase The Tragically Hip vinyl clock – do you happen to have any in stock? Or are they made to order, and if so, how long does it usually take?

    Thank you,

  • Hi Darcy ..thanks for web..I have made foame plate snow flake rubber band plane in .42cm wings..22cm tale. ..36cm motor stick…18cm all proppeler… I use simple rubber band its not good it blasts….I need some special rubber band to up my flight time up to 1 min or 2 mins….I’m in kabol Afghanistan here isn’t any good rubber band…so can u post me a pack of good rubbers…thanks u so much for help me if u can….do have any messenger or what’s app applications that I can send u videos or talk with u…thanks.

    • I’ve received your email but no pictures/video. Go ahead and reply to my email and we can discuss this.

  • Most rubber bands start out as a hose of sorts that is then sliced. I build remote control planes as part of my living and use rubber bands for all sorts of things. If I don’t have one I need I keep old bike, motorcyle, car and tractor tubes as backup. If the rubber band is too light you can cut it thicker, if it isn’t the right length you can change the angle you are cutting it until it is.

    Hope that helps!


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