Brooches from CD

I’ve been making earrings from CD/vinyl and earrings from wood.

I got some nice brooch pins so I want to make some of those too. Here are the first ones to come down the pipe.

By the way, if you have old CDs, printer drivers, old software, or what have you, please don’t throw them out. I can up-cycle them!

Orlando Solidarity Broaches from CD.

Here is a design I’m wanting to make to show solidarity¬†with the victims and all affected by the Orlando shooting. If I have any Ottawa brooches left you can have one of those too.

This is free but please rsvp today so I know how many to make.

To get one come to:

Pickup is from Wednesday, June 15, 7pm to 8pm. Please let me know you’re coming by email at as I will not make any if nobody is coming. I guess leaving a comment below is a good way to RSVP too.

Suite 216, 250 City Center. Drive up ramp near Orange Gallery around to the back of the warehouse. We are above Art-is-in Bakery but you can come in from the free parking in the back. If on foot there is a stairwell next to Art-is-in but please contact us to make sure it is unlocked.


Published on: Jun 6, 2016



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