Cutting CDs

Note: This machine is on display at Atomic Rooster pub July 14, 2015! Come by for a drink and to hang out!

I’ve been cutting LP records to make vinyl clocks and I started cutting CDs! Who doesn’t like shiny!

You can see my process evolve in the pictures and video below!

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Cutting CDs

In my first experiment I cut a CD and the jewel case. This went pretty well and I knew I was onto something.

Once the concept was proven I went a step further and did an inlay Banksy Clock and an inlay flower.

I decided to make a fixture to make things more efficient. Here’s the first fixture.

Worked well so I made a load of other things. Guitar picks, hands for clocks, price tags and much more.

The fixture needed improvement and got worn out pretty quickly. So I went another step.

By this time I’m making earrings, pendants, wind mobiles and more.

I made about 200 pairs of earrings and about 50 pendants. That fixture started to wear out so I made another with a collection of improvements.

Worked great:

As you can see below things have grown from there considerably.


December 14, 2014

July 11, 2015: deep fixtures

6 Responses to “Cutting CDs

  • Clock hands from a CD. That is an awesome use for the material. Very light weight, and flashy. Perfect.

    • Yeah, I’m just working on version two of the CD hands. CD material is a bit more sparse son I’m going to use inlay rather than make the hour hand entirely out of the CD.

  • Hi, I live in India and also work with waste materials. Please could you tell me what machine you are using?

    • It’s a cnc machine.

      • Okay. Is it possible to buy it? Also you mention you made specific fitments for CDs, can one but those also?

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