Dayton Rubber Band Plane

Last night we did a test build of the Dayton rubber band plane I have been working on.

Dayton is a simple rubber band plane made from paper and balsa. It’s really easy to make and flies well.

I gave no directions during this build so this proves the instructions are starting to shape up.

I just made some tweaks to the instructions for the next run.

Here are the outstanding problems:

  • Instructions still need more testing.
  • When the plane sits for a while the elevator adjustment is lost because it contacts the table. I’ve contemplating changing the tailplane angle of incidence. Then the elevator adjustment will be closer to neutral and not be affected as much.
  • Fabrication of the wire landing gear. At the moment this is done by hand. I’m still studying the problem. I started to make a wire bender, I may finish that project.

Only a few more hours of work and I will start looking at the packaging. I’ve got a few ideas for that.

So far there is an order of 100 with custom printing and one classroom for a school.

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