Dinky Motor Kits and Instructions V1

Here are the video instructions for Dinky Motor. Questions welcome.

If you’re in Ottawa send me a note if you want me to drop by to help.

For those who are new to the project Dinky Motor is a kit for children (and adults) to make a small electric motor. It uses real rare earth magnets so you get to experience magnetism, electricity and other miracles of our universe. You can get your Dinky Motor Kit by contacting me or filling out this order form.

What you need:

-One Dinky Motor Kit.
-A battery with leads. Six volts is what I’m using but anything from 1.5 – 9V is okay. 1.5V may be a little weak.
-Optional: Hobby knife.


3 Responses to “Dinky Motor Kits and Instructions V1

  • Great design and wonderful job of presenting this.

    • Thanks. This is just temporary instructions until I need to make any changes to the motor… My friend’d daughter is going to make a serious video soon as well…

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