Dancing Laser Flower


Dancing laser flower.

I’ve got this laser show toy that gives an interesting projection by shining a laser on two wobbly mirrors which are attached to motors.

I wanted to make my own using an arduino and sensors. When I was discussing it with Richard he mentioned he had attempted to try it with four mirrors. He gave me four motors to try so here goes.

Here is my latest prototype.  The four motors are held in place with elastic bands and the reflectors are made from DVDs. The green laser pointer is just stuck in place with tape for now. Works surprisingly well and the DVDs have lots of secondary reflections which make it pretty interesting.

The previous version was similar but I didn’t make a nice enough laser mount. Worked okay other than that. I had the motors about 1/16″ too close together and the largest wheel would sometimes touch the wheel next to it.

Here’s the original laser toy and my first experiment of mounting a DVD reflector on a motor and spinning it up with a laser.



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