Dream Walk



An interactive snowflake installation responds to movement and gesture with color and light.

These suspended snowflakes use sensors and a microcontroller to analyse your motion in real time to render animated pixels of light.



Vanier Snow Party, February 15, 7pm at 84-88 Beechwood Avenue. This neighborhood is one of my old haunts.

Walk up to a station to make your own snowflakes from paper to take with you. Ever hear of a throwie? It’s a little light. Make a snowflake with a lanyard, add the throwie and presto! A Snowie!


I’m a multidisciplinary artist with a background in software and physics. I explore interactive and emersive art and systems highlighting features of our own social network and being.

Credits: Maryam AmiriNezhad is a computer scientist. Shirley Lee, snow flake builder. Andrew B snow flake installer. Max from FrozenElectronics. Eric Field, wiring technician. Sarah Simpkin is a librarian and advocate of the Maker Movement.

Snowflake Party


Here are shots from the very un-glamorous electronics fabrication.

A few shots from the snow flake production.


Instructables snowflakes.

This project uses an Arduino microcontroller.

The light system is Red, Green and Blue LEDs. It uses “additive color mixing“. This project uses type 2811 LED controllers.



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