FireFly in Ottawa Citizen

Today’s citizen had an article covering the FireFly¬†project.

Working with¬† has been great. It’s a good habit to always review your practices and make sure they are responsible towards the environment.

One thing I really like about the FireFly project is that it goes far beyond being an art project or a light installation. FireFly has an Arduino which is an open and hackable computing platform. So people can customize them with their own personality or use them as a platform to learn the basics of computer coding. So they can be reused. Further learning about Arduino and related technologies opens a whole world of hacking, making and creativity. After you learn Arduino you may start to eyeball items that are headed for landfill with an urge to take them apart to see how they work and perhaps even salvage parts for your own project.


If you’d like to learn how to program an Arduino please comment on this post and we will notify you when our workshops are available.