FireFly Receives Awesome Ottawa Award

FireFly won the Awesome Ottawa Award! An interview was attempted with FireFly but all we got was “bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt“.

FireFly is helping people connect at a party near you.

If you’d like to meet FireFly, come to the Maker Market at City Hall on Elgin Thursday evening. This is a preview of the upcoming Ottawa Mini MakerFaire which will be at the Museum of Science. FireFly will also be at Hub Ottawa this Friday evening and Adam Davidson’s vernissage at Atomic Rooster on Aug 6-7. Firefly is attending Nuit Blanche on September 21.

FireFly has a brain, sensors and luminescence that have evolved to facilitate human connection. You may want to read the Social Network Theory Primer to learn more about human connectivity.

FireFly awakens very sleepy and responds to human interaction. Also other fireflies through infra red luminescence which is invisible to us.

FireFly has been known to become upset by social distractions such as television. He has been observed turning off televisions when he is very excited.

He does however like TV remotes, certain lamps, low light.

At the right you can see his blueprint. The more socials FireFly attends the more he learns and evolves. FireFly is an Arduino so is hackable and customizable. In fact, FireFly is the perfect platform to join the maker revolution.

By the way, Arduino is Italian for “Strong Friend”. I was told by one of Arduino’s founders it was the name of the pub where they conceived Arduino.

FireFly is part of the Lumipendant project which consists of Michael Grant, Mark Stephenson and myself.

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